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Flight Compensation For Flights To And From Albania

Magic Towns Albania is dedicated to simplifying your relocation and investment journey in Albania. If you frequently travel to and from Albania, knowing your air passenger rights under EU regulations can help you secure compensation in case of disruptions. This article breaks down the essentials of EU air passenger rights, ensuring you’re well-informed about your next trip.

Are Flights to and from Albania Covered by EU Passenger Rights

Although Albania is a non-EU country, EU air passenger rights still apply to flights between Albania and the EU. If you fly from an EU country to Albania or vice versa, these regulations offer the protection you need. For instance, if you experience delays, cancellations, or other disruptions on a flight operated by an EU airline, you can claim compensation under EU rules.

This means that even if you’re departing from or arriving in a non-EU country like Albania, your rights remain protected as long as your flight involves an EU carrier.

When EU Air Passenger Rights Apply

EU air passenger rights extend to various flight scenarios. These rights apply if:

  • Your flight is within the EU and operated by any airline.
  • Your flight arrives in the EU from outside and is operated by an EU airline.
  • Your flight departs from the EU to a non-EU country (such as Albania), regardless of the airline.

These rights also apply as long as you haven’t received compensation or assistance under non-EU laws for the same flight issues. 

Cancelled Flights: Your Rights

Flight cancellations can disrupt your plans significantly. Under EU regulations, a flight is considered cancelled if:

  • The flight schedule is abandoned, and you are transferred to another flight.
  • The aircraft takes off but returns to the departure airport.
  • The flight lands at a different airport from the one on your ticket.

If your flight is cancelled, you have the right to reimbursement, re-routing, or return. Moreover, if informed less than 14 days before departure, you may be entitled to compensation. However, no compensation is due if the cancellation results from extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control.

Rights for Lost Baggage and Transparent Pricing

Let’s suppose ‘Joe‘ flies from Italy to Tirana, and his baggage is lost upon arrival. He complains to the airline but is not satisfied with their response. In such cases, passengers on cross-border flights can contact their country’s European Consumer Centre for assistance. A national consumer centre can help with domestic flights within a country.

Regarding ticket pricing, airlines must display the total price, including taxes and charges, from the start of the booking process. This transparency ensures you are aware of the full cost before making a purchase.

Rights for Non-EU Flights and Delayed Flights

EU passenger rights apply if travelling from outside the EU to an EU destination on an EU-licensed carrier. Non-EU carriers might offer protections under their respective laws.

For missed connecting flights within a single reservation, arriving at your final destination three hours late or more entitles you to financial compensation unless extraordinary circumstances are involved. Technical defects revealed during normal maintenance do not qualify as extraordinary circumstances unless related to incidents beyond the carrier’s control, like sabotage or terrorism.

Compensation for Flight Delays

Anna‘s flight from Athens to Tirana is delayed, and she arrives four hours late at her destination. According to EU regulations, if you arrive at your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, you may be entitled to financial compensation as long as the delay was not caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Additionally, if departure delays exceed two hours, airlines must provide meals, refreshments, and accommodation if necessary.

Postponed and Advanced Departure Times

Flights postponed by three hours or more are treated as cancelled, granting you the same rights as in case of cancellations. Similarly, flights advanced by more than one hour are also considered cancelled, ensuring your passenger rights remain protected.

Unexpected Airport Changes

David booked a flight from Tirana to Paris, but the airline changed the destination to Brussels. According to EU rules, if an airline changes the destination airport, resulting in a landing at an airport that does not serve the same town, city, or region, it’s considered a cancellation.

You can claim compensation and reimbursement for additional transport costs to your original destination. Conversely, if an airline changes the departure airport, the same cancellation rules apply unless they arrange passenger transfer to the new airport.

How Much Compensation Can I Get For Canceled Flights To And From Albania?

Under EU legislation EC 261, you’reyou’re entitled to claim compensation for flight delays. But how does it work, and how can you claim what you’reyou’re owed?

Criteria for Claiming Compensation

Firstly, let’s look at when you’re eligible for compensation. If your flight into or out of Albania was delayed and you arrived over three hours late, you checked in for your flight on time, and the delay occurred within the last three years due to reasons within the airline’sairline’s control, you could be entitled to up to €600.

Calculating Your Compensation

The amount of compensation depends on the flight distance:

•Flights under 1,500 km could net you €250.

•Internal EU flights over 1,500 km and non-internal EU flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km could net you €400.

•Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 km could entitle you to €300 for 3–4 hour delays and €600 for delays over 4 hours or if you never arrived.

How To Get Your Flight Compensation

To claim compensation, you need to contact the airline directly or seek assistance from services like AirHelp. We are big fans of AirHelp, and we’ve always preferred working with them whenever this issue has happened to us. This is because AirHelp simplifies the process by handling all the paperwork, communicating with the airline, and even taking legal action if necessary. 

AirHelp operates on a ”No Win, No Fee” basis, meaning they only take a share of the recovered funds if they successfully claim your compensation. AirHelp pays out to you two-thirds of the money they recover for you, but they’ve recently launched AirHelp+, a scheme aimed at frequent travelers that also includes baggage insurance, an automatic €100 payout if your flight is disrupted (over and above what you get from airline compensation), payouts if your bag is delayed, and lounge access during the disruption. 

AirHelp+ plans start at €39,99 per year but you can get a discount with Magic Towns: just use our code AHPRSMR8 when you sign up for AirHelp+.

What to Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

If you decide to claim for compensation yourself, this is what you need to do:

  • Keep all travel documents, including your boarding pass.
  • Inquire about the cause of the delay.
  • Collect proof, such as photos of the departure board or emails from the airline.
  • Record your arrival time at the destination.
  • Request the airline to cover meals and any necessary hotel accommodations.
  • Avoid signing anything that might waive your rights for compensation.
  • Save receipts for any additional expenses incurred due to the delay.

The Role of AirHelp

If you’re discouraged by the thought of claiming compensation yourself, AirHelp can take on the burden. They’ll assess your eligibility, correspond with the airline, and charge a fee only if they retrieve your compensation. Using AirHelp or similar services can save you time and increase the likelihood of a successful claim.


Flight disruptions can be frustrating, but knowing your rights and how to claim compensation can alleviate some of the stress. Magic Towns encourages travellers to use the resources available, like AirHelp, to ensure they are duly compensated. Remember, your rights as an air passenger are protected, and you are entitled to support when disruptions occur.

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