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9 Exclusive Coastal Properties in Albania to Explore in 2024

We're listing some exclusive coastal properties in Albania, including some that are still under construction.

If you haven’t checked out the blue waters of the Albanian Adriatic and Ionian coast, now might be a good time. We’re listing some exclusive coastal properties in Albania, including some that are still under construction.

Take a look at our selection of luxury properties, such as resorts, residences, and villas, for your upcoming summers in Albania.

Why Invest in Coastal Properties in Albania?

Albania has a beautiful coast and is placed between Greece in the south and Montenegro in the north. Recently, there have been a lot of investments in the southern part of Albania. It’s a popular destination, especially recommended to visit in 2024 by many well-known newspapers. To learn more about beach houses in Albania, we’ve listed the fanciest ones in the country. Let’s get started.

San Nicolas Resort, Dhërmi

The San Nicolas Resort

San Nicolas is an exclusive tourist and residential complex situated on the Albanian coast, offering direct access to the beautiful Ionian Sea. It is an ideal retreat for those seeking a blend of privacy, luxury, and natural beauty.

Source: Concord Investment

The development hosts a wide range of facilities, including commerical spaces and a hotel as well as bar-café-restaurants, children’s playgrounds, sports corners, and a shared pool, among others. Key attractions feature a private coastline, a seaside promenade, cutting-edge modern architecture.

  • Price
  • Developer: Concord Investment
  • Status: Partially completed
  • Completion:

San Pietro Resort, Lalëz

San Pietro Resort is a new place that combines homes and tourism in a smart way. It’s changing the Lalez area and bringing something it didn’t have before: fancy tourism.

Source: Concord Investment

This nice spot covers 350,000 square meters with a 1,500-meter coastline and a special beach. There are fancy homes and a really good 5-star hotel. The plan is for this place to be the top choice for people and families looking for a nice, safe place with good construction and beautiful views.

  • Company: Concord Investment
  • Status: Completed

Green Coast, Dhërmi

Green Coast is planned to include all the essentials for a comfortable life, making it a notable symbol of modernity, energy, and relaxation.

Green coast dhermi
Source: Green Coast

The project’s architecture seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, maintaining harmony with the rocky area where it’s situated. The colour palette aligns with Mediterranean architecture, and the spacious facades facilitate a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces, creating a unified and functional environment.

  • Company: Balfin & Emre Arolat Architecture
  • Status: Completed

Thymus Resort, Dhërmi

The Thymus Resort is at the top of Drymades Bay, close to the Ionian Sea and part of the hilly area, so you can see the sea from anywhere. Thymus Resort has two hotels and 38 villas. The villas are arranged so that each one has a view of the sea. The pathways in the resort look like the streets in Dhermi village and lead to each villa, which has its own entrance and parking space.

You can go from the villa area to the coastal part of the resort using a road, a bridge, or a fancy elevator between the two hotels.

  • Company: Leonardo 2000
  • Status: Project ongoing

Vala Mar, Lalëz

Close to Valamar, there’s a new housing project near the Adriatic coast, next to the successful Vala Mar project by BALFIN Group. This project brings together a special community. The homes are part of a modern group of houses with direct access to the sea and a canal around the area. The houses and apartments have well-thought-out layouts and lots of natural light.

Vala mar
Source: Vala Mar
  • Company: Balfin Group
  • Status: Completed

Vlora Marina, Vlorë

Vlora Marina is a big project by Balfin Group. It wants to be the first really good marina in Albania and maybe the best in the whole region. The buildings are modern and in the busy city center, where lots of tourists go.

Vlora marina
Source: Vlora Marina

In the main square, there will be nice cafes and restaurants, and places for fun, sports, and relaxing. Also, there are two big parks nearby, each as big as 20,000 square meters. Being right by the coast, this special project is going to set new standards for a comfy and fancy life.

  • Company: Balfin Group
  • Status: Expected to be completed by 2025

Manastiri Resort, Ksamil

Manastiri Resort is in a bay between two hills, stretching from Lake Butrint to the Ionian Sea. It’s 7 km from Saranda and 5 km from Ksamil. The area is like a small city, with a walkway, beach, wine shop, bars, restaurants, ice cream place, sports clubs, and safe parking. There’s one main entrance on the main road with a checkpoint and a visitor center. They’re also planning a cable car to reduce the need for cars.

Manastiri resort
Source: Manastiri Resort
  • Company: IR Real Estate Management
  • Status: Ongoing project

New Born Complex, Lalëz

New Born Complex provides a truly special experience for its residents. Designed to embrace the natural landscape, the architecture ensures that each villa offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea area. The careful consideration of the sun’s movement from east to west guides the orientation, maximising the use of light and warmth.

It’s in a quiet place, away from the noise of the city. You can see the amazing Adriatic Sea and the coastline. There are 66 houses and 150 apartments in the whole area, covering 70,000 square meters.

  • Company: StarTek Constructions
  • Status: Partially completed

Kep Merli, Ksamil

Kep Merli is situated in the center of this serene natural setting, with the two peninsulas facing the ancient island of Corfu just 2 km to the north. The way they built the resort cares about nature. They used a style of architecture that is good for the environment and even brought back blackbirds. The main rule is to respect nature, making sure the buildings fit well with the surroundings.

Kep merli ksamil albania
Source: Kep Merli
  • Company: Boiken Developments
  • Status: Completed

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