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Our mission is to assist individuals in discovering their ideal destination in Albania, whether they are looking to relocate or purchase property. Our commitment extends beyond real estate; we are dedicated to showcasing the charm, cultural heritage, and unique stories of towns across Albania. Through our content, we aim to inspire travel, preserve heritage, and build a community of individuals who define our country.


1.  Accuracy and Integrity

  • Ensure all information is accurate, rigorously fact-checked, and consistently up-to-date.
  • Cite all sources comprehensively and provide detailed attribution where necessary.
  • Correct any errors promptly and transparently.
  • Back up statements and local information with data and hard facts.

2.  Authenticity

  • Highlight genuine experiences and stories as told by local Albanian experts and expats.
  • Prioritise content that represents the authentic character and rich culture of the Albanian people.
  • Avoid stereotypes and clichés, striving instead to present respectful portrayals

3.  Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Represent different towns, including lesser-known and underrepresented areas, to provide a holistic view of Albania.
  • Showcase diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences to enrich our narrative.
  • Promote cultural sensitivity and respect for all communities, ensuring all content is inclusive.

4.  Engagement and Inspiration

  • Create engaging, informative, and visually appealing content that captivates our audience.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.
  • Encourage readers to explore and experience the magic of Albania’s towns for themselves.

5. Sustainability and Responsibility

  • Promote sustainable and responsible travel practices to protect the integrity of local environments.
  • Highlight efforts to preserve natural and cultural heritage, encouraging readers to support these initiatives.
  • Advocate for respect towards local communities and their environments.

Content Types We Publish

1.  Articles and Blog Posts

  • In-depth articles on certain topics that require considerable research and detailed data. Blog posts on more engaging, ‘less complex’ topics.
  • Features on local traditions, festivals, cuisine, and crafts.
  • Interviews with local residents, artisans, and community leaders to give a voice to the people who define these towns.

2. Travel Guides

  • Practical guides for visitors, including detailed itineraries, travel tips, and recommendations.
  • Information on accommodations, dining, and activities.
  • Maps and logistical details that help travelers in planning their journeys with ease and confidence.

3. Photos and Videos

  • High-quality photo essays that capture the essence and beauty of each town, preferably professionally taken.
  • Videos that offer experiences and visual storytelling.

4. User-Generated Content

  • We encourage contributions from readers, including their experiences, travel stories, photos, and reviews, to create a sense of community.

Writing Style We Follow

1.  TONE

  • We strive to produce professionally-written content, following well-established international guidelines such as the Associated Press Stylebook.
  • Maintain a conversational and approachable tone, making content accessible and enjoyable, not just informative.

2. Clarity and Accessibility

  • Write in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language, avoiding jargon and overly complex sentences.
  • Ensure content is accessible to a broad audience, including non-native English speakers, by using five languages in total on our website. While addressing a global audience, including in the United States, we use British English spelling as the commonly accepted global standard.

3. Engagement

  • Use interesting headlines and introductions to capture and maintain reader interest, while avoiding sensational headlines and clickbait.
  • Employ storytelling techniques to make content relatable and memorable, enhancing reader connection.
  • Incorporate quotes, anecdotes, and personal experiences to add depth and personality to the narratives.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines for Magic Towns

Magic Towns welcomes guest post submissions that align with our mission and editorial guidelines. We strive to offer our readers the best, most relevant content about the enchanting towns of Albania. While we appreciate every submission, we cannot guarantee blog placement for every pitch. Our editorial team carefully reviews all pitches and makes selections based on  how relevant, authentic and trustworthy the source is, as well as the overall quality of the submission.

Despite meeting our editorial guidelines, not all submissions will be published due to the volume of pitches we receive. Our primary goal is to publish the highest quality content that resonates with our audience.

Quality Standards

All submissions must meet our quality standards to be considered for publication. Editors reserve the right to reject contributions that do not meet these standards. Key criteria include:

Originality: We seek unique concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish content that has been published elsewhere and have zero tolerance for plagiarism.

Writing Style: Articles should reflect the warm, inviting, and enthusiastic tone of Magic Towns. We aim to be casual yet helpful, avoiding jargon.

Attribution: Proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article is necessary. All data should be from reliable sources and originate within the last two years.

Non-Promotional: While we are happy to give space to genuine businesses, entities and local people, we do not publish advertorials.


Published articles will reside exclusively on the Magic Towns website. If your post is published, you are encouraged to share it with your network and link back to it. By submitting an article, you grant Magic Towns a perpetual, irrevocable right to publish it, at its own discretion, and to promote it on any social media platforms. 

Editorial Discretion

Our editorial team reserves the right to:

Edit and Adapt: Edit your guest post for SEO optimisation, accuracy, and comprehensiveness, as well as to update outdated information.

Include Calls-to-Action: Add calls-to-action related to Magic Towns’ content and offers.

Use Author Photos: Use your guest author photo.

Remove Posts: Remove posts from the blog if necessary.

Submission Process

First Phase


  • All content undergoes a thorough review for accuracy, clarity, and quality.
  • Editors provide constructive feedback to ensure content adheres to guidelines and quality standards.
  • The editorial team gives final approval before publication.

Publication and Promotion

  • Content is scheduled and published according to the content calendar.
  • New content is promoted across social media, newsletters, and other platforms.
  • Encourage sharing and discussion to increase community engagement.

Types of Posts We Accept

1. In-Depth Articles

Well-researched articles on individual towns covering history, culture, attractions, and local stories.

2. Expat And Travel Guides

Practical guides for visitors, including itineraries, travel tips, and recommendations.

Information on accommodations, dining, and activities.

3. Photos and Videos

High-quality photo essays that capture the essence of each town.

Videos offering experiences and visual storytelling.

4. Relevant Personal Experiences

Experiences and feedback about living, working, and experiencing Albania, written as a first-hand account.

Types of Posts We Do Not Accept

  • Link-Building Schemes: Content intended primarily for link-building purposes.
  • Overly Promotional Content: Posts that are too promotional for your company or organisation.
  • Offensive or Inaccurate Content: Any content that is offensive, inaccurate, or overly critical of individuals or companies.

Formatting Tips

  • Use headings to organise your content.
  • Keep paragraphs short: No more than three-four sentences.
  • Use bulleted lists whenever possible.
  • Numbered lists should be formatted as number + period.
  • Always include an introduction and a conclusion.
  • When including images, cite the image source as: “Source” and hyperlink the text.
  • Use tools like Grammarly to check for errors and improve readability.

How to Submit

Ready to share your idea? Please submit your pitch [here].

Your message should include:

  • The text of your article 
  • Your contact details, including a telephone number
  • Confirmation that you are the sole author of the work

If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know it will be published. Thank you for contributing to Magic Towns and helping us celebrate the unique beauty and heritage of Albania’s towns.