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11 Modern Properties in Tirana, 2024 (Prices)

We're listing 11 new properties in Tirana, including some that are still under construction along with prices.

2024 shows significant promise for property investments in Tirana. Numerous new constructions are underway, and several others have been approved for development in the near future.

Whether you’re looking to relocate or invest, MagicTowns is committed to simplifying the process. We will guide you through the our selection of the best 11 new properties in Tirana for 2024.

Why Invest in New Properties in Tirana in 2024?

Modern Architecture

These buildings are primarily designed by prestigious European architectural firms that boast a portfolio of creations in cosmopolitan cities like Milan, Marseille, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.

Modern Amenities

Beyond their architectural allure, these new buildings in Tirana come fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Modern conveniences such as high-speed lifts, central heating and cooling systems, and cutting-edge security systems are standard features in these properties. The integration of these amenities not only enhances living comfort but also contributes to the overall property value, making them a safe investment for the future.

Prime Locations

Another appealing factor for investing in new buildings in Tirana is their strategic positioning within the city’s best neighbourhoods. Locations are chosen with an eye for accessibility, stunning views, proximity to essential services, and the neighbourhood’s general appeal. This ensures that properties remain desirable for potential renters or buyers, securing a promising return on investment over time.

Seismic Safety

Investing in new buildings in Tirana, brings the advantage of high-standard construction and modern architecture. Built to withstand seismic activity, these buildings offer an added level of security and peace of mind for investors and residents.

Future Growth and Development

Tirana is a city on the path of dynamic growth and development. The investments flowing into its real estate market reflect this upward trend. Choosing to invest in new buildings in 2024 is a future-ready choice, allowing investors to tap into the potential capital appreciation and robust rental yields as the city continues to flourish.

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1. Downtown One Tirana

Downtown One is conceptualised as a symbol of Albania’s evolution, this building stands as one of the highest structures near the Lana River in Tirana.

Each house or office is representative of a village or town, hence, from a certain distance, the protrusions appear as an abstract map of Albania. The primary facades of the 140-metre tall, straight-edged tower showcase a number of protruding houses and offices. This forms a textured design on the building’s exterior. Given the earthquake susceptibility of the region, construction follows the most stringent European building regulations and quality standards.

New properties in tirana
Source: Downtown One
  • Location: Rruga e Elbasanit
  • Company: Kastrati Group
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: 525,600 €

2. Eyes of Tirana

Eyes of Tirana stands as a colossal structure at the heart of Albania’s capital. With its 24 floors, it significantly contributes to the city’s skyline. Located in the city centre, it is a key component of one of Tirana’s most ambitious Master Plan projects. The structure is divided into three sections, housing apartments, offices, and retail spaces, amassing a total area of 63,500 m2.

The building’s atria give it the appearance of an eye, hence its name “Eyes of Tirana”. The project’s design centers on sustainable solutions. Emphasis is placed on natural ventilation, solar energy usage, and other energy-efficient strategies.

Eyes of tirana building
Source: Eyes of Tirana
  • Location: Skanderbeg Square
  • Company: Ideal Construction
  • Status: Partially Completed
  • Price: 87,000 €

3. Alban Tower

Alban Tower Tirana is a meticulously planned endeavour incorporated within the Tirana City Centre’s masterplan, executed by a globally acclaimed French Architectural Studio. This architectural marvel is the brainchild of the renowned Italian architectural studio ARCHEA ASSOCIATI, led by the architect Marco Casamonti.

The tower is intended to function as a business centre, and its design harmoniously matches the urban fabric, incorporating the city’s surrounding lines as the primary direction of its composition. The Alban Tower Tirana utilises a minimal amount of public space at its base due to clever narrowing of the structure, contrasted by strategic widening at the top, resulting in a sculptural effect.

Alban tower tirana building
Source: Atti
  • Location: Ibrahim Rugova Street
  • Company: Al & GI” sh.p.k
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: Price upon request

4. MET Tirana

MET Tirana Building is a contemporary residential and commercial establishment positioned along the significant Boulevard Zhan D’ark, near Tirana’s iconic Pyramid. Envisioned as a unique botanical entity, the MET Tirana is an impressively distinct edifice with a touch of grandeur, as necessitated by its surrounding milieu.

This unique design approach has facilitated the creation of expansive terraces on the upper residential floors, adorned with sizeable planters housing trees and large shrubs. The architectural inspiration for this building is drawn from the picturesque image of Berat, famously known as the “white city with 1000 windows.”

The met building tirana
Source: MET
  • Location: Boulevardi Zhan D’ark
  • Company: MET Invest Sh.p.k
  • Status: Partially Completed
  • Price: 300,000 €

5. West Residence Tirana

West Residence is situated in Tirana’s premier residential district, near the former Block area and adjacent to Ibrahim Rrugova street. It overlooks Park 432 and runs parallel to the city’s historic central boulevard. The residential block is designed to foster a sense of community within its multi-storey apartments, which are characterised by green terraces and abundant natural light.

The apartment’s aesthetic is enhanced by the use of transparent glass and wooden accents in the loggias and terrace, harmonising with the lush greenery of the surroundings.

West residence blloku tirana
West Residence Tirana
  • Location: Blloku
  • Company: Invest Society
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: 565,000 €

6. Lakeview Tirana

Lakeview Tirana is set in front of Tirana’s beautiful artificial lake, the project offers top class specifications and amenities. The new community is home to 600 elegantly designed apartments, 950 spacious parking spaces and a number of lifestyle amenities, spanning across 129,000 m2 set to become the most luxurious residential buildings in Albania.

Every detail is designed with the resident and the family in mind. Lake View Residences features high levels of security by utilizing access card technology, surveillance, and separate building access points. Access to the residences is only given to residents and their guests, while the commercial and office floors have separate entrances. The lobbies are equipped with 24/7 security systems for ease of mind.

Lakeview apartments tirana
Source: Lakeview
  • Location: Kristo Luarasi Street
  • Company: Gener 2
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: 211,000 €

7. Lion Park Tirana

Lion Park presents 13 stories of residential space, complemented by a ground floor filled with service units and a three-tier underground parking facility. The building’s defining architectural feature is its organically shaped balconies, each paired with concrete railings mirroring the same aesthetic. These spaces are adorned with a variety of indigenous plants, suited to the local weather conditions.

Source: Ales Construction
  • Location: ”Faik Konica” street, Tirane
  • Company: Lion Construction
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: 272,000 €

8. Tirana’s Rock

Tirana’s Rock Inspired by the silhouette of Albania’s National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti, Tirana’s iconic 85-metre monument, ‘Tirana’s Rock’, breathes new life into traditional Albanian architecture. It is the unique shape of the balconies that envelopes the entirety of the structure, giving it its distinctive and unusual form.

These balconies cleverly mimic facial features such as the nose, ears, and chin through the use of painted projections, resulting in an intricate and intriguing geometric design. More than just decorative, the balconies provide comfortable outdoor spaces.

Source: Ales Construction
  • Location: Skanderbeg Square
  • Company: ANA Shpk
  • Status: Partially completed
  • Price: 520,000 €

9. Garden Building Tirana

Tirana Garden Building aims to maintain the natural legacy of the site by incorporating a garden-themed façade in the building plan. This concept, reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, infuses an enchanting ambiance into the proposed project.

The design blueprint envisages the creation of two towers, which while similar in design, differ in height. The first two floors are earmarked for service areas such as shops and offices, while the upper floors will be residential.

Tirana garden building
Source: Ales Construction
  • Location: 21 Dhjetori
  • Company: Nova Construction
  • Status: Completed
  • Price: 154,700 €

10. Ekspozita Building

The Ekspozita Building architectural design is a homage to the silhouette of Mount Dajti, echoing its form.

Central to the project’s ethos is the promotion of green spaces and communal areas that encourages social interactions amongst residents. Rising to an impressive 93 metres, the multifunctional Ekspozita Building in Tirana will span 24 levels above ground and include five subterranean floors. The parking, commercial, and office zones will be served by 16 high-speed lifts.

Ekspozita building
Source: Ekspozita
  • Location: Ish-Ekspozita
  • Company: Ekoplan Sh.p.k.
  • Status: Ongoing Project
  • Price: 350,000 €

11. Tirana Vertical Forest

Vertical Forest Building is crafted by the acclaimed Stefano Boeri Architetti, Tirana takes pride in being home to its first Vertical Forest, nestled in the city centre and located in close proximity to Parku i Madh i Tiranë, the capital’s premier park. The novel construction metaphorically ‘blooms like a flower’ towards the city, exhibiting the thriving plant life. These include a stunning array of 3,200 plants, shrubs, and 145 trees.

This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the plant mass but also significantly alleviates air pollution and promotes a healthier microclimate.

  • Location: Arena Stadium
  • Company: Gener 2 Shpk
  • Status: Partially Completed
  • Price: 353,000 €

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