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Our Mission

At Magic Towns, founded by expats for expats, we deeply understand the exhilarating yet daunting experience of starting anew in a foreign land. We've been the newcomers, navigating unfamiliar streets, deciphering local customs, and searching for those hidden gems that only locals seem to know. Our mission is to empower you with comprehensive data and insider knowledge, guiding you beyond the well-trodden paths to find your ideal haven, whether it's a bustling city or a tranquil village.
Beyond The Beaten Path
We believe in the beauty of discovery beyond popular expat hubs. While Tuscany and the Costa Del Sol have their charms, we're here to unveil the less-traveled yet equally enchanting locales. We harness data and local insights to help you explore places before newspapers, TV crews and magazines get there. Our goal is to broaden your horizons, guiding you to places where you can truly belong based on your personal needs and desires, rather than just follow the herd.
Transparency and Trust
Moving countries involves setting up a whole new life. At Magic Towns, we offer transparent and comprehensive relocation services, from trustworthy movers to legal assistance, accountants, and more. Our vetted partners are chosen for their integrity and quality, ensuring you have the most reliable and transparent support. We stake our reputation on the services we provide.

Seamless Global Relocation

Start your expat adventure with confidence. We make your move smooth, so you can focus on the joy of a new beginning.



Step off the beaten path and uncover the world's best-kept secrets for expats. Let us guide you to your dream destination.


From legal aid to local know-how, our vetted services are transparent and tailored to your unique relocation needs.

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