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Tirana Neighbourhoods: Everything You Need to Know!

Discover Tirana with our informative guide to its vibrant neighbourhoods!

Discover Tirana with our informative guide to its vibrant neighbourhoods!

Whether you’re a new resident or a visitor eager to explore Tirana neighbourhoods, this article is your companion to understanding the city’s diverse communities.

Before we continue, here’s a map for your reference, providing a visual guide to help you familiarize yourself with the locations of the neighbourhoods mentioned.

Tirana Neighbourhoods: Near the Centre

This segment focuses on the neighbourhoods located near Tirana’s city centre. Due to their close proximity to the heart of the city, these locales typically have a higher price point and offer an array of opportunities. Central location is a key factor driving the cost and appeal of these neighbourhoods. They provide easy access to amenities such as quality restaurants, shopping centres, cultural sites, and more. Therefore, it’s understandable why these central neighbourhoods are pricier. Let’s explore the unique characteristics of these locations.

1. Centre

Tirana’s centre offers a more dynamic lifestyle compared to other areas of the city. Its historical background is represented by the iconic Skanderbeg Square, the historic Clock Tower, the Eth’em Beu mosque, and museums open to visitors.

Skanderbeg square in the center of downtown tirana
Tirana Neighbourhoods: Everything You Need to Know! 15

This area is demographically diverse, with lots of facilities (supermarkets everywhere, health clinics, bank institutions) around.

The architecture displays a mix of communist and modern buildings, some of which are under construction. Prices vary accordingly, making it a good (but expensive) choice for both renting and buying.

Transportation in this area is convenient, with reliable public transport options and easy access to other parts of Tirana. Parking availability is challenging, so if you own a car, the ideal solution is to find private parking.

Some local amenities near the centre include the New Bazaar market, Toptani Shopping Centre, the Castle of Tirana and the Promenade. Other famous areas, like Blloku and Arena, are only a few minutes away, accessible by foot.

Around the centre, you’ll find plenty of culinary options, like Pastaria, Botanica, Momento, Golosa, as well as cosy coffee shops like Mulliri i Vjeter, Destil, and Mon Cheri.

Check out the best 5 central neighbourhoods in Tirana.

2. Pazari i Ri (New Bazaar)

Pazari i ri tirana neighbourhoods

Located approximately 1 kilometre from the city centre, a 10-minute walk, the New Bazaar area of Tirana is a culturally rich neighbourhood. Named after the historic bazaar that once stood in the same location, this revitalized district now combines tradition with modernity.

The market square is still a main point, offering fresh produce, local goodies, and artisanal crafts. More than a market, this area also serves as a social hub where locals and visitors love to explore.

The demographic composition around the New Bazaar is diverse, with mostly families who have lived there for a long time. Short-term accommodations and boutique hotels are prevalent, especially considering the growing number of tourists drawn to this area.

From traditional eateries offering Albanian specialities to modern cafes and bars, the New Bazaar area is a culinary haven. Some notable spots are Oda, Te Baçja, Gelateria & Pizza Bell 1, Reka Patisserie, Sophie Café, and Mulliri i Vjeter.

3. Rruga e Kavajes

Geographically located as a central street, this neighbourhood accommodates both long-standing families and a younger population of residents.

Accessibility is a strong suit, featuring well-connected public transport options, though parking availability poses occasional challenges. Local amenities around include supermarkets, bakeries, clinics, and schools.

While the area holds promise for families, singles, and retirees alike, future outlooks indicate sustained economic and demographic growth. 

4. Myslym Shyri

Myslym Shyri, a main avenue in Tirana, serves as a central area connecting various neighbourhoods. Historically significant, this avenue has witnessed Tirana’s transformation for years.

With lots of shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes, this is one of the best areas to live in.

Transport accessibility is convenient, but parking availability can be a challenge. However, a lot of the hotspots in Tirana are accessible by foot from here.

5. Stacioni i Trenit

Neighbourhoods of tirana: stacioni i trenit

Located 354 meters away from the centre, a 5-minute walk, this area of Tirana is named after the train station that used to connect the city with other cities (like Durres) in Albania.

Near the train station, the recently constructed new boulevard in Tirana has transformed the cityscape. The extension of the boulevard is thoughtfully designed, featuring green spaces envisioned as ‘urban living rooms.’

Renting in this area is often preferred by those seeking proximity to transportation links, as well as by those who want to open their businesses close to the centre. Apartments and accommodations for short-term stays are prevalent.

Transportation accessibility is, unsurprisingly, a highlight of this locale.

For those who love activities in nature, the convenience of the location offers options like going for a walk, a run, or even joining a yoga class in nature.

6. 21-Dhjetori

This area derives its name from the Albanian word for “December 21st,” signifying an important date in the nation’s history.

The housing options range from apartments to houses, depending on preferences. Public transport options are available, with buses and taxis serving the area. Parking availability may vary but is generally accessible.

Famous spots around include “The Tirana Ring Centre”, “Square 21” and lots of shops, grocery stores, cafes and markets. Nearby hospitals and clinics ensure residents have access to essential healthcare services.

7. Komuna e Parisit

Komuna e Parisit is home to a diverse mix of residents. The housing landscape includes modern apartment buildings, remnants from the communist era, and smaller houses.

Public transport options like buses and taxis are available. While it provides easy access to other parts of Tirana, finding parking spaces can be challenging.

Kristal Centre is a popular shopping destination close by. Also, there are numerous bars, restaurants, markets, and grocery stores, along with schools and clinics.

8. Arena Stadium

This area is one of the most expensive in Tirana, as it is very new. The stadium also offers many bars and restaurants where all the young people go to have a beer, eat sushi and other modern cuisine. It is a very well-located area; you can reach the highway from “Rruga e Elbasanit”, you can reach in 5 min the lake of Tirana, etc.

Arena stadium neighbourhood
Tirana Neighbourhoods: Everything You Need to Know! 16

9. Blloku

The famous neighbourhood is known for its “lively atmosphere” and noisy lifestyle. Located in a very good area, next to the Tirana lake, the best bars and restaurants in town. The Lake of Tirana is very close to this neighbourhood and you have the opportunity to have plenty of activities. You can go run by the lake, or play tennis, basketball or football for free.

Blloku neighbourhood
Tirana Neighbourhoods: Everything You Need to Know! 17

Tirana Neighbourhoods: Suburbs

Now let’s get to Tirana suburbs, that are far from centre, you might need a car or use the public transport to reach to many places around the city.

1. Kombinat

Kombinat, a southwestern suburb of Tirana, Albania, traces its history back to an era with significant ties to Joseph Stalin. The neighbourhood is situated approximately 6 kilometres from the main centre, making it accessible by public transport and other means.

Recently, this area has experienced significant growth, with several new apartments and different shops, markets, and restaurants.

Fun fact, this area used to be famous for the Kombinat Stalin Textiles Factory, a centre of industry that employed up to 2000 workers and held the impressive capacity of producing 2,000,000 square meters of cotton cloth annually.

2. Lapraka

Lapraka is a distinctive neighbourhood situated west of the main centre of Tirana, Albania. This residential district combines urban living with essential amenities and infrastructure.

Notable hospitals in this area include the Tirana Military Hospital, underlining the neighbourhood’s role in supporting essential services.

The presence of the Albanian Mobile Communications building, ProCredit Bank building, and other high-rise structures reflects the area’s growing urban profile. Sports lovers can visit Lapraka Soccer Field for some recreational activities. 

3. Don Bosko

The Don Bosco Centre, once just a bunker, now stands as an educational hub, featuring a school with nearly 800 pupils, an oratory, a parish, and a daycare centre for ethnic Roma children.

The neighbourhood is predominantly home to students and new families. Public transport is readily available, and private parking options ease the challenge of finding a parking space in the neighbourhood.

Don Bosco boasts a variety of supermarkets, including Big Market, Alb Market, Euro 1, Spar Market, and a local market.

The neighbourhood offers a range of culinary options, including renowned bakeries like Euxhenio and Le Bon, as well as Fish Time, a popular fish restaurant. Numerous coffee and lounge bars provide spaces for leisure and socializing.

4. Selita

Selitë is a neighbourhood situated in the former municipality of Farkë, within Tirana County, Albania. Following the 2015 local government reform, it became part of the larger municipality of Tirana.

Housing in Selitë includes a range of residential options such as apartments, houses, and possibly villas. The cost of living depends on housing prices, size, amenities, and location within the neighbourhood, but they are slightly more affordable compared to centre areas. 

Transport options in Selitë include public buses and the distance from the centre is 25 min by car. 

5. Fresku

Fresku is a suburban area that is very suitable for families with children. While it is not located near the centre, you need a car to go to other destinations in the city. The nearest park you can find is Dajti Park, which offers a great view of Tirana.

6. Porcelani

PorcelaniA very old Tirana neighbourhood, now renovated, with new buildings, is a good place to live as a family with kids. There are two international schools located in this area, such as Deutsch-Albanische Schule (DAS) – German-Albanian School and Canadian Institute of Technology. The transport is also very accessible. It connects in 30 minutes to the centre of Tirana.

7. Qyteti Studentit (The Student’s City)

It is located near Rruga e Elbasanit; from the name, you can understand that many students live there. There are many dorms for the students from all Albania cities. The lake is 20 min from the neighbourhood, has many transport facilities, and connects to other cities. Many international schools are located near this area, and it is very easy to access. Here’s what we can mention: Tirana International School, World Academy of Tirana and Ecole Francaise De Tirana. Have a look at the top international schools in Tirana (fees, program and more.)


We hope this guide has been a valuable resource to help you get an idea of Tirana neighbourhoods. For more similar resources, don’t forget to join our Facebook page.

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