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Top 7 Villages to Visit in Albania (2024)

Whether you're planning a visit or thinking about living there, these are the top villages to visit in Albania.

Featured in big websites like Forbes and more, we’re sharing seven awesome villages in Albania for 2024. Whether you’re planning a visit or thinking about living there, these are the top villages to visit in Albania.

They hold onto the country’s traditions and blend in with different cultures. Some are on quiet hills, others by pretty coastlines – these are the top seven villages in Albania.

Dhermi, Vlore

Dhermi vlore albania
Dhermi, Vlore

Dhermi, the place to be for summer 2024. It is one of the most famous villages in Albania with a lot of history and amazing mountain and sea view.

Dhërmi stands out as one of the treasures of southern Albania. It holds a remarkable history and, thanks to its stability over the years, has developed a bit more than other villages, making it larger and more established. The geography of Dhërmi is quite striking. When viewed from the national road, the village appears almost miraculously perched against the steep rock. Centuries-old church bell towers create silhouettes against the backdrop of white buildings, occasionally interrupted by lush green overgrowth wherever it finds space.

Theth, Shkoder

Theth shkoder albania
Theth, Shkoder

Theth, another famous destination, seen on many news sites, tourists love it for its breathtaking mountain landscape. Perfect for those who love hiking. You will find many guesthouses there to accommodate you and experience an amazing north local food.

The easiest way to reach Theth is by car, typically through Shkodra. However, for the more adventurous and daring, there’s a thrilling but challenging six to seven-hour trek on foot. This journey includes crossing the Valbona Pass, which weaves through the breathtaking peaks of Jezerca and Bjeshkët e Nemuna.

The highlight of Theth is the remarkable Grunas waterfall, boasting a plunging cascade that reaches a height of 30 meters (98 feet). Additionally, Theth features captivating historical landmarks such as ancient towers with intriguing stories, an authentic old church, the enchanting Thethi’s Blue Eye spring, and numerous other hidden treasures.

Lin, Pogradec

Lin pogradec albania
Lin, Pogradec

Lin, found in the southeast of Albania in Pogradec, is another stunning destination that attracts many tourists. If you’re a fan of lakes, this is the ideal spot for you. You get a perfect view of Ohrid Lake and the surrounding mountains.

The houses are simple with red roofs, narrow streets, and fruit trees everywhere. It’s a chill fishing village that gives off a relaxed vibe, perfect for sparking creativity in visitors. You can find a few small beaches with clear water and small rocks by the lake. Lin is also home to eight really old mosaics from the VI-VII century, some of the oldest in Eastern Europe.

Lepushe, Malesi e Madhe

Lëpushë is a cozy village up in the Albanian Alps, quite far away from the cities. It’s actually closer to Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica (79 km/49 mi), than Albania’s capital, Tirana (189 km/117 mi). To get there from Albania, you’ll drive through Shkodra and Hani i Hotit, passing through some amazing mountain scenery. The village, part of the Kelmendi region, has comfy guest houses where friendly hosts welcome visitors with tasty traditional food.

Sitting in a gentle valley, Lëpushë is surrounded by lots of tall peaks, over 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) high. The community has put effort into making nice places to stay and developing agriculture, making it a more rustic version of Theth village.

Voskopoja, Korce

Voskopoja korce albania
Voskopoja, Korce

Voskopoja, a medieval settlement noted in records since 1333, gradually expanded over time and reached its peak around 1764 with a population of 30,000. At one point, the town boasted twenty-five beautiful churches adorned with sought-after frescoes, but today, only five of them remain well-preserved. During its prime, Voskopoja had its own academy, library, and even a printing house.

Situated 185 kilometers (115 miles) from Tirana and around 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Korça in southeast Albania, this captivating village offers tourists suitable hotels and guesthouses. Visitors can marvel at the splendor of church frescoes and special paintings, discover authentic keepsakes in local souvenir shops, and savor delicious dishes rich in culinary sophistication and tradition.

Zvernec, Vlore

Zvernec vlora albania
Zvernec, Vlore

Zvërnec village used to be a place for people who were kept away, but now it’s a cool spot for tourists. It’s just 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) from Vlora on the southwest coast of Albania. This nice town is in between two awesome natural places, the Soda forest, and Narta Lagoon. You can reach the island in the lagoon by crossing a long wooden bridge, and there you’ll find an old Byzantine monastery on a grassy area shaded by tall pine trees. If you want to explore Zvërnec more, you can stay overnight. But even if you’re just passing by, it’s worth checking out.

Dardhe, Korce

Dardhë, a village that’s been around for three hundred years, is super cool for tourists in Albania. “Dardha” means “Pear” in Albanian, and it’s a common name for places. The village is up high at 1344 meters (4,409 feet) above sea level, and it gets snowy in the winter. To get there, you can take the road to Ersekë, which is 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Korça. There are lots of resorts, hotels, or guesthouses with cozy stone buildings where they keep warm with old fireplaces. Outside, there’s plenty of snow and natural slopes, perfect for winter sports like skiing. Even though Dardhë is most famous for winter, it’s a beautiful place all year long.

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