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A Guide to Driving Safety in Albania (Car Rentals, Driving Rules and More)

This article covers important aspects of driving safety in Albania. Also, it covers whether you need a car, if it's safe, driving rules, and using a foreign license.

This article addresses key aspects of driving safety in Albania, tackling essential queries such as the necessity of having a car, car rentals and taxi availability, adherence to driving regulations, and the validity of foreign licenses. Additionally, it provides practical information on traffic conditions and essential emergency contact details.

Whether you plan to drive or explore other transportation options, this information can help you understand what to expect in Albania.

Do I Need a Car in Albania?

In Albania, where public transportation might not always be efficient, having a car can be essential for accessing popular destinations. Car rentals in Tirana are conveniently available, starting at around €30 per day, depending on the vehicle type. This allows for greater freedom to explore the country thoroughly.

Driving safety in albania
Highway in Albania

You also have the option of taking a taxi to any location, with many eco-friendly taxi services operating in Albania. Here is a list of taxis you can choose for your journey to any destination:

Driving Safety in Albania: Is it Safe to Rent a Car and Drive in Albania?

You can choose to rent a car from international companies like Avis or EuropCar or other local companies such as Eaglecar. Rental offices are usually located at Tirana Airport or in the city center.

Be aware, driving in Albania is often described by foreigners as somewhat chaotic.

Driving in tirana
Tirana, Albania

When driving in Albania, be prepared for challenges as not all road users adhere to the rules. It’s important to stay extra vigilant for your safety.

Please note that Tirana experiences high traffic, especially from 15:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. Additionally, cities like Durres, Vlora, and Saranda see a surge in traffic during the summer months.

If you’re looking for car insurance in Albania, you can get an instant quote now from our partner, Albsig. They offer both mandatory TPL insurance and comprehensive Kasko insurance for full coverage.

What Are the Driving Rules in Albania?

When travelling or living in another country, you need to know the driving rules. Here are some rules you need to remember when driving in Albania to keep safe and avoid fines.

  • Driving is on the right-hand side
  • The minimum driving age is 18
  • Seatbelts are mandatory for everyone in the car
  • No mobile phone use while driving, but hands-free systems are acceptable
  • Speed limits: 50 km/h (31 mph) in residential areas, 90 km/h (56 mph) outside residential areas, and 110 km/h (68 mph) on motorways
  • Parking is free after 20:00
  • Legal blood alcohol level is 0.01 mg/ml – practically speaking, you can’t drink anything alcoholic and drive
Driving rules in albania
Tirana, Albania

Another thing you should know is the emergency contact; you should call 129. Also, to avoid fines, ensure you carry specific items such as:

  • First aid kits
  • Headlamp beam deflectors
  • Warning triangle and reflective vest
  • Safety helmets for motorcyclists

Can You Drive in Albania with a Foreign License?

All driving licenses issued in accordance with the 1949 Geneva Convention are valid for a one-year period in Albania. In essence, if you possess a driving license from EU & EEA countries, the UK, or the US, you are permitted to drive in Albania for up to one year.

If your stay in Albania extends beyond a year, the regulations differ. You’ll need to exchange your original license for an Albanian one. For detailed information on this process, we recommend reading our dedicated article, which could be particularly helpful.

Here is the procedure you need to follow to apply for an Albanian driving license.

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