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Vlora District
Explore Vlora, Albania's third largest city, with our comprehensive guide. Discover its rich history, stunning landscapes, friendly locals and delicious cuisine. Ideal for digital nomads, families, and retirees.
Vlora - Key information

Situated on Albania’s southern coast, Vlora has a history dating back to the 6th century B.C. With a population of 188,000, it stands as the third most populous city in Albania.

Vlora is a relaxed place, very much unlike a large city like Tirana, with its large amount of choices for nightlife and shopping. However, Vlora features nice beaches, fun outdoor things to do, lively markets, pretty mountains, interesting history, and tasty local food. The people are friendly and caring. So, whether you are a young professional (digital nomad), a family with children, or a retiree who wants to move to Vlora, then this guide is for you! Let’s get started.



Average Air Quality
Annual Sunshine Hours

Exceptional (Top 10%)

Annual Average Rainfall

Low (11th-20th percentile)

Sale Property Prices, Residential, Avg. / m2


Rental Property Prices, Residential, month per m2


Healthcare Availability

In town

Distance From Airport

Within 2 hours drive

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More Information About Vlora

Getting There

By Air
Vlora does not have an airport yet. It is in the process of building one, which is expected to open by 2025. For now, you can reach the city from Tirana International Airport.

By Bus, and Van
Starting from Tirana, you can opt for the $9 shuttle, which takes just under two hours. Alternatively, you have the option of taking a taxi for around $60, and it will get you there in under 90 minutes.

By Ferry
There are daily ferries to Italy.

Getting Around

Public Transportation
The local bus is just EUR 35 cents.

By Bicycle
Vlorë is a great city for walking and cycling as it’s remarkably flat and has wide sidewalks and dedicated cycling lanes.

By Taxi
Taking a taxi in Vlore its very easy and you have a lot of options. We recommend taking eco taxis such as Greentaxi, LuxTaxi, Bluetaxi because they offer convenient and cheaper options for getting around Tirana. They do not have an app but you can WhatsApp them or call them, and they will answer very quickly.

By Car
If you want to rent a car you can choose from both multinational and local companies. Europcar, Avis, etc.

Local Cuisine

Sea Food
Seafood Salad, Grilled Octopus, Seafood Risotto, Fried Shrimps. You can also book the mussel tour for a mussel tasting and a boat trip over the lake.

Apart from the seafood and fish, Vlora is known for its meat specialty, called “mish ne hell” in Albanian. When in Vlora, you can see many traditional restaurants specialising in meat dishes.

Fish and Vegetables
When visiting restaurants in Vlora, you may find a variety of sea fish baked with a mix of vegetables.

An Albanian traditional drink, made of fruits such as plums and walnuts. However, grapes are the most common.

Best Restaurants and Bars

Here is a small selection of restaurants we can recommend:

  • Te Fabio
  • Taverna Te Saçi
  • The Yacht Restaurant
  • El Mar Restaurant

Where to Shop

QTU Shopping Center

Located at the roundabout in Skela, Vlore, QTU is a shopping destination with diverse options. It’s a favorite for both locals and visitors, offering everything from fashion trends to everyday essentials. It’s a bit smaller than the Tirana mall but provides a similar shopping experience.

Cost of Living

Vlora is a very reasonably priced city by international standards. When you join the expats in Vlora, these are the types of expenses you can expect.

  • 1-bedroom apartment in the city center: €300
  • 1-bedroom apartment outside of the city center: €210
  • 3-bedroom apartment in the city center: €430
  • One-way ticket on local public transport: €0,40
  • Meal for 1 at an inexpensive restaurant: €8
  • 3-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant: €35
  • Large draught domestic beer in a bar or restaurant: €2.5
  • Regular cappuccino in a cafe or restaurant: €1.5
  • Loaf of white bread from a supermarket: €0,70

These figures were updated in February 2024.

Green Areas and Parks

As Vlora is a small city, you might not expect too many parks, unlike in Tirana. The city does offer, however, as you may expect, a great variety of beaches.

Park in the Boulevard
It is a small park located in the Skele neighbourhood, where many retirees go for a walk and chill in the afternoon.

Llogara National Park
While it is far from Vlora Center, this is the biggest park in Vlora. A car is a must to go there. It has a breathtaking view, plus it offers very traditional restaurants.

Climate of Vlora

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How Do Expats Feel About Living in Vlora ?


Appealing Mediterranean climate Good environment to socialise Comfortable livestyle


Lack of international education options Seasonally very busy
Quality of Life
Cost of Living
Ease of Socialisation
Everyday Communication

Results based on 3 expat reviews as of 18/01/2024 . Do you live here? Add your own review of Vlora.

Neighbourhoods of Vlora


Situated along the coastline, this Vlora neighbourhood stands out as one of the finest, offering apartments with potential sea views. Additionally, its practicality is highlighted by easy access to public transportation, making it a convenient choice. There are also some activities such as a tennis court and basketball court with a sea view.


While it’s a bit distant from the city center, the apartment prices are significantly lower compared to Lungomare and other coastal neighbourhoods. Despite lacking a bus line, it remains practical for parking. To reach the city center, a car or bike is necessary.

Pavaresia or Skela

The Pavaresia neighbourhood, meaning independence, is located near the old city of Vlora. You can reach the sea in approximately 10 minutes. Also, it’s a convenient area, with close proximity to the shuttle parking that can take you to Tirana, Fier, and other nearby cities. The apartments here are cheaper than Lungomare, and it’s convenient for the bus station. Also with bike-friendly infrastructure.

Uji Ftohte

Uji i Ftohte is a bit far from the old center but has a beautiful coastline, marking the end of the Adriatic Sea to the crystal-clear waters Ionian Sea. There are many hotels around, making it a popular tourist spot for summer vacations.


A highly touristy spot, as it’s the old city of Vlora. Surrounded by many cafes and restaurants, you can reach the coast in approximately 30 minutes by car or by taking the bus. It is not preferred for expats as the choice of new buildings to rent is low.


While it is a hot spot for tourists in summer, this neighbourhood is also developing with new seaside buildings, which makes it a great place to live as an expat. Whether you are a young professional, a family, or a retiree moving to Vlora, other than that, a car is a must to live in this area and get to other cities around.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Living in Vlora

1. What makes Vlora a good place to live? Vlora is celebrated for its landscapes, rich history, friendly locals, delicious cuisine, and relaxing atmosphere. With exceptional annual sunshine hours and a warm Mediterranean climate, it’s perfect for digital nomads, families, and retirees seeking a serene lifestyle by the sea.

2. What is the population of Vlora? Vlora has a population of about 80,000 people making it a vibrant yet manageable city to live in.

3. What are the property prices like in Vlora? As of 2024, the average sale price for residential properties is an eyebrow-raising €1901 per m². However, the rental prices for residential properties average at €6 per m² monthly, making Vlora an attractive option for various budgets.

4. How can I get to Vlora? Currently, Vlora does not have an airport, but it’s accessible from Tirana International Airport via a shuttle or taxi. Additionally, Vlora is connected by daily ferries to Italy, offering an interesting option for international access.

5. What are the transportation options within Vlora? Vlora is suitable for walking and cycling, thanks to its flat terrain and dedicated lanes. Public buses are available at an affordable cost, and taxis offer a convenient way to get around. Car rentals from both multinational and local companies are also an option for more flexibility.

6. Can you tell me about the local cuisine in Vlora? Vlora’s cuisine is rich in seafood, with specialties like seafood salad, grilled octopus, and seafood risotto. Meat dishes and a variety of fish with vegetables are also popular. Raki, a traditional Albanian drink, is a must-try.

7. What is the cost of living in Vlora? Vlora offers a very reasonable cost of living by international standards, with affordable options for dining, transportation, and housing.

8. Are there any green areas or parks in Vlora? While Vlora may not have as many parks as larger cities, it compensates with beautiful beaches and the nearby Llogara National Park, offering stunning views and traditional restaurants.

9. What is the climate like in Vlora? Vlora enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. It’s one of the sunniest places in Albania, making it ideal for those who love warm weather year-round.

10. What are the best neighbourhoods to live in Vlora? Vlora offers a variety of neighbourhoods suitable for different preferences, from Lungomare with potential sea views and convenient access to amenities, to the quieter and more affordable areas like Transballkanike and Pavaresia. Each neighbourhood offers its unique charm and benefits.

11. How can I find more information or assistance with moving to Vlora? Our team of local experts, including property advisers, relocation advisers, and legal experts, are here to help. For detailed information and support, our Magic AI assistant is also available to assist with any queries related to living in Vlora or other Albanian towns.

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