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9 Best Winter Destinations in Albania

Embark on a virtual tour of Albania's top winter destinations! Explore cosy retreats, snowy landscapes, and unique winter activities in this full guide.

Discover the 9 best winter destinations in Albania with our virtual guide! From snowy mountain retreats to beautiful villages, we’ve rounded up the cosiest spots for your winter escape. 

For the ultimate experience, we recommend playing Frank Sinatra’s “Let It Snow” in the background as you read through this article – it’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany your virtual journey through Albania’s winter wonders!

Important note: If you plan on embarking on a journey, we strongly advise checking your car’s measurements in advance, to ensure safety due to weather conditions. Learn more about driving safety in Albania.

1. Dajti National Park, a Winter Sports Hub

Dajti Paradise

Located in the eastern part of the capital, a 50-minute journey away, Dajti Mountain National Park is the best escape for both locals and visitors. 

And you guessed it; it’s also the best winter paradise!

Travellers can reach Dajti by car, enjoy a scenic road trip, or opt for the cable car experience, an unforgettable journey for an affordable price. Check the cable car schedule for Dajt.

Another suggestion: Before taking the cable ride, visit Bunk’Art 1 (a bunker turned into a museum), situated just a short walk from the designated bus stops (Linzë or Porcelain Lines), easily accessible on foot.

Fun Fact: Bunk’Art 1 is not only a must-visit if you want to learn about Albanian communism, but also a significant part of the filming locations for the movie ‘L’amor Fuggente‘.

Winter Recreational Opportunities

  • Snowy Escapes: Enjoying Dajti’s snowy wonderland is a must during winter! Take a deep breath, enjoy nature and, most importantly…turn off your phone!
  • Winter Sports: Dajti is heaven to winter sports enthusiasts, offering opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and other cold-weather activities.
  • Horse Riding in Winter: Try the unforgettable horse riding experience, even during winter, adding a touch of adventure to the snowy scenery.

Where to Eat in Dajt

Note: Check out the luxurious Dajti Paradise– although slightly pricier, it is one of the most sought-after accommodation options, offering an ideal retreat for the perfect getaway.

Dajti Paradise

2. Korça, for a Cozy Winter Atmosphere 


Korça, also called “Little Paris” due to its stunning architecture, is a real wonderland in winter. Picture snow-covered streets (if you visit them during the colder months), local markets full of winter treats (don’t forget to get a postcard), and an authentic cultural scene. It’s the perfect place to explore, try traditional Albanian dishes, and enjoy a warm cup of cappuccino near the fireplace.

What to do in Korça

  • Stroll through the old bazaar
  • Visit the Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral
  • Explore Japanese park for a nature retreat (The first Japanese park in Albania!!)
  • Notice the beautiful architecture around the neighbourhoods

Museums Worth Paying a Visit

  • Oriental Bratko Museum
  • Museum of Medieval Art
  • The National Museum of Education
  • “Gjon Mili” Photography Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Vangjush Mio house and museum (paintings)

Where to Eat in Korça

And if you fancy a drink on a cosy spot, check the cafes located at Korça’s bazaar. A popular one is Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum.

Komiteti Kafe-Muzeum in Korça

3. Dardha, Your Peaceful Snowy Hideaway

Touristic village of Dardha

Tucked away in the Morava Mountains and only 30 minutes away from the centre of Korça, Dardha is a peaceful retreat for winter lovers. Imagine cabins surrounded by snow-covered forests and fun activities for snow enthusiasts. Adventurers’ dream, right?

Activities to do in Dardha

Bigell Ski Centre in Dardha
  • Visit the Historic Churches
  • Discover the Village’s Origins. 

Fun Fact: Dardha is named after the pear fruit, which saw its inception in the 1600s. 

  • Explore the Touristic Village of Dardha
  • Indulge in Organic Local Cuisine
  • Winter Skiing
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Visit ‘Stinky Water’

Another Fun fact: This water source in Dardha, despite its “weird” name, is known for its high sulfur content and is believed to have therapeutic benefits against various health issues.

Learn more fun facts about Albania.

Where to Eat in Dardha

4. Voskopoja: Winter Stories from the Past


Welcome to Voskopoja, one of the most fabulous villages in Albania that each year turns into a beautiful winter tale! Imagine strolling through streets paved with charming cobblestones, and discovering seven awesome orthodox churches with epic art inside.

A Significant Interesting Fact About Voskopoja

Old Academy ruins in Voskopoja

In the 18th century, Voskopoja served as a key centre for Illuminist ideas in the Balkans, influencing education and culture in the region. It played a huge role in the development of various communities like Vlachs, Albanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, and Macedonians. Voskopoja housed the “New Academy” and a renowned printing house, contributing significantly to the post-Byzantine era in the Balkans. If you want to learn more about this topic, feel free to read the full research.

What to do in Voskopoja

  • Discover the Rich History of Orthodox Churches
  • Explore natural paths and breath the clean mountain air 
  • Stroll Through Cobblestone Streets
  • Try the traditional organic cuisine

Where to Eat in Voskopoja

5. Boboshtica, a Step into a Frozen Fairytale


Only 11 minutes away from Korca, you’ll find Boboshtica, a village that feels like stepping into a frozen fairytale with its old Ottoman buildings. There you can explore the distinct architectural style of small houses and visit old bridges, churches, and water springs that offer insights into the village’s past.

What to do in Boboshtica

  • Discover Centennial Trees
  • Witness Traditional Handloom Craftsmanship
  • Visit Historic Bridges and Churches
  • Visit the Water Springs
  • Admire the architecture of houses, churches, bridges

Interesting fact: Here, some Albanian women continue the age-old tradition of making carpets (an old, very popular tradition in Albania).

Where to Eat in Boboshtica

6. Valbona, a Real Winter Postcard


Valbona Valley National Park, situated just 16-17 miles north of Bajram Curri, transforms into a calm winter haven surrounded by snow-capped peaks. For winter enthusiasts, you can take a hike, try winter sports, enjoy a walk in nature, and experience the peaceful beauty of the Alps in winter.

What to do in Valbona

  • Snow Adventures: Take advantage of the snow-covered slopes for exhilarating skiing, snowshoeing, splitboarding, and other adventures. Check out ski touring guides.
  • Winter Hiking: Explore the park’s winter trails, surrounded by snow, offering a different landscape perspective. (Just be careful not to fall!)
  • Experience the ‘real meaning’ of organic Albanian food.

Where to Eat in Valbona

Valbona during different seasons:

Photo collage of Valbona during different seasons

7. Theth, Your Charming Winter Getaway

Theth, Albania

Located approximately 44 miles from ShkodraTheth, known for its isolated beauty, becomes an enchanting winter escape. Snow-covered valleys, a stunning waterfall, and the cosy atmosphere of a remote mountain village in winter equals dreamland.

What to do in Theth

  • Explore Isolation Tower: Discover the historical significance of the isolation tower, gaining insights into Albania’s past.
  • Local Cuisine Experience: Warm up with hearty home-cooked meals, following northern Albanian culinary traditions.
  • Cultural Exploration: Interact with hospitable locals, learning about the cultural nuances and mentality of the region during the winter months.

Where to Eat in Theth

8. The Beautiful Village of Razëm


Situated approximately 25 miles north of Shkodra, the village of Razëm captivates with its mountainous climate and lovely atmosphere. During the cold winter months, Razma offers an escape from the metropolitan lifestyle, providing a clean-air sanctuary with curative properties.

Winter Activities in Razëm

  • Winter Wellness Retreat: Rejuvenate your health with an extended stay in Razma, benefiting from the clean air and curative values during the cold winter months.
  • Great Accommodations: Indulge in comfort by choosing accommodations that provide a cosy retreat after a day of winter activities.
  • Escape to Nature: Enjoy the serenity of Razma by immersing yourself in the untouched natural beauty, away from the city life.
  • Explore Local Cuisine: Sample local winter delicacies and warm beverages, experiencing the authentic flavours of Razma during the winter season.

Where to Eat in Razëm

9. Boga Valley in Northern Albania


Located 142 km from the capital city Tirana, on the way to Theth National Park, travellers encounter the u-shaped glacial valley of Boga. This valley, named after the alpine village, is an ideal option for those seeking a leisurely pace in their exploration.

Boga Valley and Village

Boga Valley and the village are surrounded by the Bocan-Bridashe mountain ridge on the northwest and the Rabe-Cardak mountain ridge on the southeast.

Settlements dating back to the second and third centuries BC dot the area, with current inhabitants being descendants of the Kelmendi tribe.

The village is enveloped by mountain peaks soaring over 2,000 meters above sea level, featuring a karst landscape with numerous caves and underground galleries.

Caving in Boga

  • Puci Cave: Puci Cave is one of the most intriguing caves in Europe and the biggest cave in Albania. Situated at 1,087 m above sea level, it spans five km and boasts stalactites, stalagmites, and multiple levels. 
  • Other Caves: Boga is home to various other caves, including the Big Cave, Gjek Marku Cave, the Cave of Fairies, Silikoka Cave, each offering a unique underground experience.
  • Tourist Infrastructure: Boga, along with Razma, has evolved into a year-round destination with proper infrastructure. Visitors can find guesthouses, hotels, camping sites, restaurants, and bars catering to diverse preferences.

Where to Eat in Boga

Until the Next Chapter…

That’s a wrap on our Albanian escapade!

We hope you enjoyed exploring 9 best winter destinations in Albania and be ready for more interesting content on this beautiful country.

Remember to become a part of our Magic Towns‘ community, where fellow adventures and expats share 1 main objective: The desire to explore!

Until next time, stay warm, stay curious!

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