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5 Best Stays for Summer Vacations in North Albania

Here are the top 5 best stays for summer vacations in north Albania for an awesome summer break. And if you're after more advice, is here to help with everything you need!

Looking for a fun summer spot? North Albania has some cool cities like Shkodra, Lezhë, and Kruja. They’re friendly, not too busy, and have lots of history.

Whether you want a short holiday or maybe to live there for a while, these places have great choices. You’ll see beautiful lakes, big mountains, and old castles.

Here are the top 5 best stays for summer vacations in north Albania for an awesome summer break. And if you’re after more advice, is here to help with everything you need!

Which Cities Should You Consider for Summer Vacations in North of Albania?


Shkodra is a really nice city up in the northwest corner of Albania. It’s one of the places with the longest history in the country and it’s full of culture and old stories from a long time ago. Shkodra is known for its pretty sights, like the big Lake Shkodër, the biggest lake in the southern part of Europe.

There’s also Rozafa Castle in the city, a famous old castle with lots of interesting legends about it. Moreover, Shkodra is a place where lots of music happens and it’s well-known for its fun cultural festivals.


Lezha sits by the sea and the big Drin River, which helps the city grow its food and welcome tourists. Being close to the water and cool places like Kune Lagoon and Shëngjin beach town makes Lezhë a great spot to visit.

For those who love old stories and culture, Lezhë has famous spots like the Skanderbeg Memorial and the old Lezhë Castle. These are must-see places for anyone wanting to learn about Albania’s past.


Kruja is a really important place in history because it was where the hero Skanderbeg defended the land during big battles with the Ottoman army. Even though the Ottomans took over in the end, Krujë was where people stood up against them in 1906, which led to Albania becoming its own country in 1912.

The name Krujë comes from the local word for a place where you get water, like a fountain, because the town used to have lots of water around. Visitors can learn all about Krujë’s past by going to its museums. There’s the Skanderbeg Museum and the National Ethnographic Museum, both really close to the famous Krujë Castle.

5 Best Stays for Summer Vacations in North Albania

  1. Buna Park Hotel
Best stays for summer vacations in north albania
Buna Park Hotel

Absolutely wonderful place. The hotel was clean and had fanastic service. The staff was friendly and helpful. The breakfast was superb.


This friendly hotel gives you a free breakfast and has a special pool just for kids. You can use the free WiFi, wash your clothes with their laundry service, and park your car without extra cost. Plus, they have their own place to eat. Want to see something cool and old? Shkodra Castle is super close, just a quick 2-minute car trip. And if you’re coming from or going to the airport in Tirana, it’s only an hour and a half drive away.

2. Relaxing Villa Amazing Lake View

Relaxing villa amazing lake view
Relaxing Villa Amazing Lake View

Check out this fancy villa in Shiroke with a brilliant view of Shkodra Lake. It’s a lakeside holiday home where breakfast is on the house, and it comes with a spa tub to relax in. This place is all yours, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, perfect for up to 4 people. Some of the perks include a free breakfast, your own kitchen, and even a barbecue grill for some outdoor cooking fun.

3. Balani

Balani apartment

A cosy bed and breakfast that has its own beach and a café in Shkodra offers guests a lovely view of the lake. You can book your stay now and pay for it when you arrive, and if you need to cancel, it won’t cost you anything. People really like it here, with a high score of 9.2 out of 10 based on 109 reviews from outside sources. Some of the things guests can enjoy include breakfast options, access to a private beach, and free WiFi.

4. White Beach Villa 1 – Luxury

White beach villa 1 - luxury
White Beach Villa 1 – Luxury

The White Beach Villa – Luxury in Velipojë is a special place that comes with free WiFi, its own bar, and a pretty garden. It has a terrace where you can relax. The villa is not too far from other places – it’s about 37 km to Bar and nearly 18 km to Ulcinj. If you’re flying in, the closest airport is the Tirana International Mother Teresa Airport, which is about 55 km away.

This villa is great for spending time outside; it has lots of space, a lovely garden, and a really good spot for barbecues. It’s in the nicest part of Velipoja, with friendly and quiet neighbours, so your time here will be peaceful and you won’t be bothered by loud noises or problems from the people living nearby. There’s also private parking at the villa where 2 or 3 cars can fit, and it’s only 1 km away from where you can catch public transport.

5. White Beach Villa 2 – Luxury

Https://expedia. Com/affiliate/vuqdops
5 Best Stays for Summer Vacations in North Albania 13

The White Beach Villa 2 is a fancy home you can find in Velipoje, which is in the Shkodra County of Albania. It has air conditioning to keep you cool, and includes a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen that has everything you need, a bathroom, a balcony, and a lovely garden at the front. You can also park your car for free in a private space.

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