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Top 6 Agritourism Tours in Albania (Location, Activities, Prices)

Today, we will share the top picks for agritourism tours in Albania.

Albania is famous for its lovely villages. Another great way to see Albania is through its agritourism tours. These tours offer a unique chance to see the countryside, meet local people, and enjoy Albania’s beauty. Perfect for retirees, expats, or travellers looking for something different, these tours are a must-try. So, join us as we share the top picks for agritourism tours in Albania.

Agritourism Gjepali, Durres

Agritourism gjepali, durres
Agritourism Gjepali, Durres

Agritourism Gjepali is a lovely, modern place to stay that’s tucked away in the countryside, but only a 25-minute drive from the beautiful sandy beaches. The place was started by a famous Albanian chef and businessman named Fundim Gepali. He’s made sure that the food there is top-notch, using lots of fresh ingredients from the area.

Nearby, you’ll find the coastal city of Durres, which has a big port and used to be a really important place for trade back in Roman times, so it’s full of history. When you visit Agritourism Gjepali, you get to enjoy great meals, learn about the past, and have a relaxing time all in one go.

  • Location: Located in the north of Albania, 45 minutes by car from Tirana and 25 minutes away from the coastal town of Durrës.
  • Hotel: 6 double rooms available, twin beds – 35 EUR/night including breakfast
  • Restaurant: 100 seats in restaurant area (outdoor and indoor terrace available) – 22 EUR/person.
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour, wine tasting, walk along the river
  • Outdoor activities: Hiking ,Kayak, Cycling, Bird and fauna watching at Karavasta Laguna
  • Culture and heritage: Roman amphitheater, Venetian Citadel and Archaeological Museum
  • Relax: Sand beaches, Fishing trip, Spa and Wellness

Blerina Farm, Tirana

Blerina farm, tirana
Blerina Farm, Tirana

Blerina Farm is a small and cosy farm and restaurant that serves local, fresh, and traditionally cooked food. The owners aim to connect customers with nature by offering healthy food and letting visitors experience typical Albanian village life, including planting, animal care, and crafts. This charming place also has a special area for children, providing activities that help them learn about nature and boost their creativity.

  • Location: Blerina Farm is located in Laknas Village, close to the Mother Teresa international Airport of Tirana, and less than 30 minutes away from the capital city.
  • Hotel: 10 rooms (including suites and family room), average price of 120 EUR/Night including breakfast and dinner
  • Restaurant: 120 seats in restaurant area (outdoor and indoor available) – 20 EUR/person
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour, Kitchen classe, Specific children activities
  • Outdoor activities: Bunk’Art (communism era museum), Hiking (including canyon discovery), Cycling
  • Culture and heritage: Bunk’Art (communism era museum), City tour of Tirana, Tirana’s Opera
  • Relax: Vibrant food scene of Tirana, Wine and cocktail bars

Bujtina Maria, Gjirokaster

Bujtina maria, gjirokaster
Bujtina Maria, Gjirokaster

Bujtina Maria is a cozy place to stay in the small, mountain village of Labove e Poshtme, not far from the special old town of Gjirokastra, which is protected by UNESCO. This welcoming guesthouse offers tasty homemade food and wine, made by Maria and her family using traditional methods passed down through generations. The guesthouse is known for its friendly service and truly special experience.

Right next to the guesthouse is an old church from the year 546, which is really pretty and well-kept. So, staying at Bujtina Maria is something you should definitely do when you’re in the southern part of Albania. While you’re there, you can also go for walks or horse rides in the nearby mountains and lakes. You might meet local shepherds and see all sorts of wildlife.

From the guesthouse, it’s easy to walk around the cobbled streets of the ancient town of Gjirokastra. You’ll see beautiful houses from the past and can visit the big castle that has been important in Albania’s long history.

  • Location: Bujtina Maria is located in Labove e Poshtme, near the UNESCO heritage site of Girokastra in the southern part of the country and about 3.5 hours from Tirana
  • Hotel: 10 spacious rooms from 35 EUR/Night including breakfast
  • Restaurant: 70 seats in restaurant area (outdoor and indoor terrace available) – 13 EUR/person.
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour, Visit of Byzantine church
  • Outdoor activities: Horse riding, Hiking in surrounding mountains, Rafting in the closeby river
  • Culture and heritage: Visit of Gjirokastra (tour) including, Old bazaar, (Pazari i vjeter, Girokaster castle, Kadaré and Ethnographic Museum
  • Relax: Thermal bath of Benje, Traditional music concert (UNESCO intangible cultural heritage), Ancestral Hot stone coffee

Kantina Pupa, Berat

Kantina pupa, berat
Kantina Pupa, Berat

Kantina Pupa is a wonderful place to stay in Albania’s famous wine region, very close to the old city of Berat, which is protected by UNESCO. This new guesthouse has big, comfy rooms with views of the pretty countryside. The food that they serve comes from the local area.

When eating at the guesthouse’s restaurant, you can try tasty wines that the owners make just a short drive away. After dinner, or before if you like, you can check out their new wine tasting area to try wines made from special local grapes.

The city of Berat, also called “the town of a thousand windows” because of its special houses and hilly streets, is a great place for visitors. They love its interesting history and friendly vibe.

  • Location: Kantina Pupa is located in the outskirts of Berat, the UNESCO heritage site in the middle part of the country and about 1.5 hour away from Tirana.
  • Hotel: 15 rooms (5 spacious rooms and 2 villas with 5 rooms each) from 70 EUR/Night including breakfast and wine tasting
  • Restaurant: 100 seats in restaurant area (outdoor and indoor terrace available) – 23 EUR/person
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour, Wine tasting and winery visit, Olive oil production visit
  • Outdoor activities: Hiking (Tomori holy mount), Rafting in the closeby river
  • Culture and heritage: Visit of Berat (tour) including: Old bazaar, Berat castle and Byzantine churches, Gorica bridge, Onufri museum
  • Relax: Wine tastings, Folkloric festivals (music, history)

Mrizi i Zanave, Shkoder

Mrizi i zanave, shkoder
Mrizi i Zanave, Shkoder

When it comes to farm stays in Albania, you can’t miss Mrizi i Zanave. This amazing place is the creation of chef Altin Prenga and his brother Anton. They set up this restaurant and farm in the village of Fishta up in the northern part of the country.

When you get to Mrizi i Zanave, you’ll feel the lively atmosphere right away. It’s a popular spot, welcoming around 100,000 visitors each year. The farm has 70 staff members who do all sorts of jobs, from farming to cooking to serving food. They use fresh produce like veggies, dairy, and meat from 400 families living close by. These families also collect wild food, like berries or wild plants.

The guest rooms at Mrizi i Zanave, which were designed by talented young Albanian architects, are really special. Staying in one of these rooms means you’ll get a true taste of the local, rural lifestyle.

  • Location: Mrizi i Zanave is located in the village of fishte in the northern part of the country, about 1.5 hour away from Tirana on the way to the iconic Albanian Alps and closeby the city and lake of Shkodra.
  • Hotel: 9 modern and design rooms including balconies. Rooms from 70 EUR/Night including breakfast.
  • Restaurant: 180 seats in restaurant area (outdoor and indoor terrace available) – 18 EUR/person
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour, Wine tasting and winery visit, Children specific activities
  • Outdoor activities: Kayaking in Lake Shkodra, Bird watching and visit in Kunë-Vain-Tale Nature Park Lagoon, Rafting in the closeby river
  • Culture and heritage: Rozafa Castle, Shkodra old town, Venice Mask factory, National Photo gallery “Marubi”
  • Relax and enjoy: Spa and wellness

Botë Farms, Sarande

Botë farms agritourism in saranda albania
Botë Farms, Saranda

Leaving behind the busy lifestyle of Los Angeles, Kyle and Shawn established Botë Farms in the tranquil Albanian countryside near Sarandë. They aimed to create a space for calm and enjoyment amidst the scenic mountain setting.

The name “Botë,” meaning “world” in Albanian, reflects the founders’ intention to welcome people from all cultures to connect and share experiences. The farm encourages reconnection with the land and offers a place where guests can come together.

Botë Farms is dedicated to the principles of community and simplicity. It allows visitors to engage with the environment and enjoy the company of others in a setting that champions the simpler aspects of life.

  • Location: Botë Farms is located in the village of Finiq, near Saranda.
  • Hotel: 6 standalone luxury villas with a river and pool view. Minimum stay for two nights.
  • On-farm activities: Farm tour and children’s harvest celebrations.
  • Outdoor activities: Yoga, moon parties, sangria and stars for adults only, starting from 20 EUR/person.
  • Culture and heritage: You can tour the Archaeological Park and see Byzantine ruins. Consider a day trip to Butrint, an ancient city once compared to Troy for its beauty. In Gjirokastër, known as the Stone City, you can explore the castle and walk along the cobblestone streets.
  • Relax and enjoy: Yoga classes and beaches of Sarandë or Ksamil.


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