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Budget-Friendly Beaches in the South of Albania

Saranda and Ksamil have been the ‘keywords’ of Albanian tourism in recent years, and we get why. With crystal-clear beaches reminiscent of the Maldives, a beautiful coastline, and friendly locals, these destinations have captivated many tourists.

However, a recent and unexpected surge in prices has left some visitors a bit displeased and disappointed, questioning the affordability of the country. And it’s making us think, “Is Albania really cheap”?

The answer is simple: It depends on the location. Popular spots, including beach clubs in Ksamil and Saranda, probably don’t align with the notion of a budget-friendly beach day.

So, if you’re looking to avoid these higher costs but still enjoy the beauty of the Albanian coast, there are some lesser-known beaches you can fully enjoy within a budget.


Himara is a small, peaceful town located between Vlora and Saranda. The beaches here are less crowded than Saranda and Ksamil, perfect for families or vacationers who prefer to relax at their own pace. Some beaches to consider around Himara are Llaman, Livadh, Spille, Potam, Qeparo, Borsh.

You can find sunbeds in Himara for around €15. Alternatively, visit the ‘Privat Lounge’ area near the centre, where you might find free sunbeds (at least, that was the case last year). Be sure to go early in the morning, as they might be booked later in the day.

Some of the accommodation and dining options are also more budget-friendly, with family-run guesthouses, hostels, and local taverns serving delicious cuisine.

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Llaman is a small beach located near Himara, 11 minutes away by car. The vibe is very similar to Himara, with the beautiful beach, clear waters and less crowded atmosphere being the main actors. Last year, in September, you could rent sunbeds for just €15.


Qeparo is another beach that promises an authentic and peaceful experience. It’s a 24-minute drive from Himara, and the short road trip feels like a movie where you get to enjoy the Ionian Sea view and its backdrop of ancient olive groves. A real nature paradise.

The average cost for a day at the beach in Qeparo is around €10, which is pretty affordable compared to other more expensive sunbed prices.

Parking here is also relatively inexpensive, with costs ranging between €3 and €5, or sometimes even free, depending on where you park.

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Borsh has one of the longest stretches of beach in Albania, with over 7 kilometres of coastline. Its untouched beauty, coupled with its affordability, makes it a standout alternative to the crowded beaches of the south.

The cost of sunbeds in Borsh is also around €10, providing excellent value for money.

One of the biggest advantages of Borsh is the free parking. Unlike the more popular beaches where parking can add significantly to your expenses, Borsh offers plenty of free parking spots. This makes it an even more attractive option for travellers on a budget.


While Saranda and Ksamil continue to be the highlight of Albanian tourism, the country’s lesser-known beaches offer equally an amazing experience at a fraction of the cost. Himara, Qeparo, Llaman, and Borsh are just a few of the many alternatives that promise a special beach holiday without the hefty price tag.

So, if you’re looking for a peaceful and budget-friendly beach experience, I suggest you accommodate in one of the cheaper towns, (like Himara) and from there, you can easily explore the southern region by driving to nearby destinations.

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