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5 Reasons Why I Love Himara

Let me take you on a journey through the 5 reasons why I love Himara and why it makes a great escape destination.

Summers are often associated with the classic, lively atmosphere and crowded beaches. But there’s this smaller corner along the Albanian Riviera that has stolen my heart a long time ago and still holds a special place in me. That’s Himara.

While some may dismiss it as a small village with “not much to do,” I’ve come to cherish its simplicity and peace like no other summer destination.

Let me take you on a journey through the 5 reasons why I love Himara and often choose it as my go-to escape place.

A Quieter Alternative to Crowded Beach Destinations

5 Reasons Why I Love Himara 19

I’ve noticed beaches in Himara have a more peaceful vibe compared to what you might typically find in more popular places like Ksamil and Saranda.

Now, of course, this kind of ‘peace’ is not for everyone!

If your idea of the perfect getaway involves music and more populated beaches, then Himara might not be your ideal destination. But if you’re like me, who’d rather hear the soothing sound of the waves lapping against the shore instead, then you might resonate with its vibe.

However, don’t mistake its quiet atmosphere for emptiness; while it may be less crowded, it’s far from devoid of people.

On another note, Himara has some of the most stunning beaches you’ll lay eyes on. They’re located nearby, just a few minutes by car or bus.

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You can also hop on a boat to explore the hidden areas around you. Plenty of agencies offer these trips, giving you a chance to see more of the beautiful surroundings. (Unfortunately, the prices were higher when I checked last year; however, the trip is definitely worth the experience. It’s an adventure that will leave you with lifelong memories!)

Delicious Cuisine That Offers a Little Bit of Everything

5 Reasons Why I Love Himara 20

I’ve tried lots of tasty delights while in Himara, including traditional breakfast (I had this at the lovely guest house I stayed at last time), sushi, fresh seafood and more.

If you fancy a cute brunch spot, you may want to check out Astro Brunch and Cocktail Bar. The food is not the best I’ve had, but it’s interesting to visit if you prefer the relaxed, summer vibe atmosphere paired with a brunch menu.

For a truly authentic experience of seafood, I was impressed by the food I tried at “Garden Grill & Restaurant”.

If you’re a sushi lover like me, “UMI sushi & cocktails” was such a vibe! Good food and a classy interior, with a terrace for the ideal evening out.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like an article dedicated to restaurant suggestions in and near Himara.

Interesting Historical Spots to Explore

5 Reasons Why I Love Himara 21

If you want the kind of experience that doesn’t include just staying at the beach for hours “doing nothing,” exploring the village’s history could be fun.

Close to the centre, you’ll find the Himara Castle, which dates back to the medieval period and today stands as an ancient fortress that still holds the glory of the past. From the castle, you can enjoy the stunning views of the coastline and make some great memories while learning more about its remains. There is no entry fee to the castle.

Be cautious of the heat, particularly during the daytime, as it’s not comfortable to walk around in.

Porto Palermo Castle is an impressive fortress built in the early 19th century by Ali Pasha of Tepelena. It used to serve as both a defensive stronghold and a luxurious residence. Today, the castle is open for visitors who want to explore its ancient walls and chambers at an affordable fee.

Fun Activities You Can Do In and Near Himara

5 Reasons Why I Love Himara 22

Boat trips, walks in nature, hiking, and exploring are some of the activities you can do in Himara. If you get bored and want to visit other places, many beautiful beaches like Gjipe, Livadh, Jalë, Filikur, Llaman, Porto Palermo, etc. are located nearby.

Beaches that are located near the centre of Himara include the beach in the town centre, Potam, and Marachi Beach.

You can try water activities like boat trips, canoeing, paddling, diving, or if you’re more into hiking and walking around the village, these are also great activities to explore the area.

Fun fact: My friends and I tried rock painting last year, and it was such a relaxing and fun activity to do.

Spectacular Sunsets For the Soul

5 Reasons Why I Love Himara 23

As the day draws to a close, prepare yourself for beautiful sunsets.

There’s something mindful and magical about watching the sky change its colours so smoothly, especially near the sea. Grab a seat at one of the beachfront cafes, sip on a refreshing lemonade, and savour the moment as nature puts on a show like no other. Or if you want to try something different, you can have a little picnic by the sea.

The Perfect Summer Getaway Does Exist

Himara captured not only my imagination but also my heart. Its countryside vibe, along with the sea smell, makes it the perfect getaway for a relaxed and memorable trip. From my personal experience, it’s best to visit Himara in September if you prefer the quiet end-of-summer atmosphere. But if you still need a bit of that lively summer energy, Himara is more popular during the hotter months of the summer.

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