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Durrës County
Discover Durrës, Albania's vibrant coastal city, rich in cultural heritage and popular for its Roman Amphitheatre, Venetian Tower, and scenic beaches. Ideal for explorers and beach lovers.
Durrës - Key information

Durrës is the second most populous city in the Republic of Albania, serving as a significant economic and cultural hub for the country. It is located on the Adriatic Sea in the western part of Albania.

Known for its diverse history and cultural heritage, Durrës is home to the largest seaport in the country. It also features various attractions such as the ancient Roman Amphitheatre, the Venetian Tower, and the Archaeological Museum.

With its beautiful beaches and rich history, this city is a popular destination for tourists exploring the Balkan region.



Average Air Quality
Annual Sunshine Hours

Exceptional (Top 10%)

Annual Average Rainfall

Average (41st-50th percentile)

Sale Property Prices, Residential, Avg. / m2


Rental Property Prices, Residential, month per m2


Healthcare Availability

In town

Distance From Airport

Within 30 minutes drive

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More Information About Durrës

Getting There

By car or taxi

Durrës is conveniently accessible from Tirana, making it an ideal day trip or a must-visit stop on your Albanian itinerary. The city is well-connected by road and is a 40-minute drive from the capital. Another option is to take a taxi, which from Tirana to Durres costs around €27.

Check out our guide to driving safety in Albania here.

By bus or van

Transportation in Albania is well-established with buses and vans providing reliable and frequent service from various cities to Durres. Tirana, being the capital city, has regular routes departing to Durres. However, the connectivity extends to other cities as well, making inter-city travel in Albania an effortless experience. Check the bus schedules here.

By boat

Durres, being the second largest city and a major port in Albania, welcomes numerous ferries and cruise ships from various parts of the world.

Getting Around

Once in Durrës, exploring the city is a breeze. The compact layout makes walking an excellent way to explore the historic streets and seaside promenades. Also, all the neighbourhoods are well-connected, so it takes just a few minutes to get to the centre. Taxis and local buses are also readily available as a convenient mode of transportation.

Local Cuisine

Durrës proudly showcases its culinary delights, with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Some pasta with seafood or a plate of fresh fish is an absolute must-try to savour the region’s authentic flavours.

Best Restaurants and Bars

The city’s dining options are diverse, from cosy family-run restaurants serving home-style dishes to chic waterfront eateries providing a taste of the Mediterranean.

  • Madre Perla Quality
  • Resto Lounge Mirai
  • Aqua Lounge Bar and Restaurant
  • Bar Restaurant Belvedere

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a sunset drink at one of the best bars in Durres:

  • Illyrian Garden
  • Portofino Lounge
  • Boga Lounge
  • Gintoneria Cocktail Bar
  • Posh Lounge

Where to Shop

Cost of Living

When you join the expats in Durres, these are the types of expenses you can expect to encounter:

  • Renting 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre: € 355
  • Renting 1-bedroom apartment outside of the city centre: € 252
  • Renting 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre: € 278
  • One-way ticket on local public transport: € 0.39
  • Regular monthly pass for local public transport: € 15
  • Meal for 1 at an inexpensive restaurant: € 6
  • 3-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant: € 29
  • Large draught domestic beer in a bar or restaurant: € 2
  • Regular cappuccino in a cafe or restaurant: € 1
  • Regular liter of milk from a supermarket: € 2
  • Loaf of white bread from a supermarket: € 0.93
  • 12 regular eggs from a supermarket: € 3
  • 1kg of chicken filets from a supermarket: € 6

Green Areas and Parks

Promenade Park (Shëtitorja “Vollga”)

As you walk through Shëtitorja “Vollga,” you’ll find a nice area with well-maintained pathways, greenery, and spaces to relax. Whether you want to go for a run, a slow walk, a peaceful spot for a picnic, or a place to enjoy the sea view and nature, this promenade is one of the best in Durrës.

Climate of Durrës

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How Do Expats Feel About Living in Durrës ?


Reasonable cost of living Beach life and city life combination Near Tirana and the Tirana airport Bound to grow over the next decade


Quietens down during winters Limited international schooling options
Quality of Life
Cost of Living
Ease of Socialisation
Everyday Communication

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Neighbourhoods of Durrës

If you’re planning on moving to Durres, here are the top neighbourhoods and their characteristics. You may think it’s a mistake that we named them “Neighbourhood 1” etc., but they’re actual names!

Neighbourhood 1

Located in the heart of Durres, Neighborhood 1 is where Vollga, the city’s famous promenade, is found. In this district you’ll find a multifaceted community with many employment options, recreational businesses, green parks, and the breathtaking attraction of the seaside.

Considered as the gateway to Durres, the neighbourhood extends to Currilat, a seaside area full of restaurants and lounges.

Among the many facilities around this area, we highlight the Albanian College for English speakers, an ideal option for families with kids.

Neighbourhood 2

Right next to Neighbourhood 1, Neighbourhood 2 is like a lively sibling, close to the city centre and businesses. It’s a hotspot for great job opportunities, adding an attractive touch to the city.

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, you should check Villa e Zogut, located on the outskirts. It is a peaceful, lovely area with new buildings and slightly higher prices.

Neighbourhood 3

Situated just steps away from the municipality and the city centre, Neighbourhood 3 has businesses and high employment opportunities. It’s also close to the library of the city centre, forming a dynamic space where commerce and employment meet culture and education.

Neighbourhood 4 

Located in Neighbourhood 4, you’ll discover a bustling hub featuring notarial offices, commercial buildings, Blue Star shopping centre, a highly frequented zone, and real estate agencies.

Neighbourhoods 5 and 6

Neighbourhoods 5 and 6 are near the museum and the former police district and are located pretty close to the centre.

Neighbourhood 8

In Neighbourhood 8, health takes the spotlight! Check out American Medical Centre at Aleksander Goga Street. And if needed, the regional hospital is just a stone’s throw away.

Family and Retiree Friendly neighbourhoods

Discovering the perfect haven for families, especially those with young children, leads us away from the city centre’s hustle and parking challenges.

For this purpose, consider Neighbourhood 18, close to the stadium, where Vala Park awaits to delight children. This area is not only family-friendly but also suitable for retirees seeking a calm environment.

We can say the same about neighbourhood 17.

Both areas mentioned above are significantly more affordable than apartments in the city centre.

Neighbourhoods that Promise Big Potential 

Exciting prospects unfold in the city’s upcoming areas, primed for significant growth. Keep an eye on the developments around the port area for the yacht port project and the “Niko Dovana” Stadium, currently under discussion for a groundbreaking new project. These major upcoming plans are set to transform the landscape of Neighbourhood 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Living in Durrës

1. What is Magic Towns? Magic Towns is a comprehensive guide designed to help expats and retirees discover their ideal Albanian retreat. We offer detailed information on towns across Albania, including Durrës, Saranda, and Tirana, focusing on aspects like climate, local cuisine, living costs, and neighbourhood insights.

2. Why choose Durrës as a place to live? Durrës is Albania’s vibrant coastal city known for its rich cultural heritage, scenic beaches, and diverse history. With its exceptional annual sunshine hours, reasonable living costs, and proximity to the capital, Tirana, Durrës offers a unique blend of beach and city life.

3. How can I find a property in Durrës? We provide expert advice on rentals and sales in Durrës. Our expert property adviser, Enrit Samarxhiu, with over 10 years of experience, can assist you in finding the perfect residential property, whether you’re looking to buy or rent.

4. What are the living costs in Durrës? The cost of living in Durrës is considered reasonable, with a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre costing around €355 per month, and outside the city centre, approximately €252. Dining out and transportation are also affordably priced, making Durrës an attractive option for many expats and retirees.

5. What is the climate like in Durrës? Durrës enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot, sun-drenched summers. The annual average temperatures range from 8.7°C in January to 26°C in July, offering a comfortable environment year-round.

6. Can I get around Durrës without a car? Yes, Durrës is well-connected with reliable public transportation, including buses and taxis. The city’s compact layout makes walking a pleasant option, especially for exploring historic streets and seaside promenades.

7. What are the healthcare facilities like in Durrës? Durrës offers in-town healthcare availability, with facilities like the American Medical Centre located within easy reach. The regional hospital is also close by, ensuring access to medical services when needed.

8. Are there international schooling options in Durrës? While Durrës offers limited international schooling options, the Albanian College for English speakers is a notable institution, ideal for expat families with children seeking education in English.

9. What kind of community can I expect in Durrës? Durrës hosts a vibrant expat community, offering a good balance between local integration and maintaining an international lifestyle. The city’s favourable climate, combined with its rich cultural scene, makes it easy for newcomers to socialise and feel at home.

10. How can I learn more about living in Durrës or other towns in Albania? Our Magic AI assistant is ready to provide you with detailed information on Albanian towns, properties, or culture. For more personalised assistance, our team of experts, including property advisers, relocation advisers, and legal experts, are here to help you every step of the way.

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