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7 Summer Events in Albania You Shouldn’t Miss in 2024

Albania is a popular summer destination, famous for its stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, and vibrant scenery, along with countless fun activities.

Last year, 10 million people chose Albania for their summer getaway. This season, there are some incredible events lined up that you simply must experience.

Ready to explore the best summer events in Albania? Let’s dive in!

What’s Summer Like in Albania

Summer in Albania is full of cool events, perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy time off with friends or family. In cities like Gjirokaster and Korca, common events include festivals with traditional music, dancing, enjoying tasty meals and celebrating their rich heritage.

If you’re staying in Tirana, don’t miss the big events with famous DJs where you can dance all night with your friends. Tirana is a vivid capital, and if concerts are your vibe, you’ll definitely enjoy your time here. 

And in other cities, (mostly in the South of Albania), you’ll find festivals combined with exciting activities for a memorable summer.

7 Summer Events in Albania to Attend in 2024

Check out the coolest events that are about to take place all over Albania this summer. We promise there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer family-friendly activities, long nights with friends, or some new adventures with your partner. 

1. Tirana Events with International DJs

Tirana, the vibrant capital of Albania, is a hotspot for exciting concerts and events, drawing visitors from around the globe. Get ready for an electrifying experience as renowned DJ Paul Kalkbrenner heads to Tirana to perform for thousands of fans on April 26th. Make sure to grab your tickets early at Enter Events to enjoy a special early bird price, and don’t forget to check out other upcoming events in the city. Join us for a night to remember in Tirana.

2. South Outdoor Festival

South Outdoor Festival is a super cool event that takes place every year in Borsh, (a cute village located 54 minutes away from Saranda, Albania). This edition (23-26 May) promises multiple stages featuring top international headliners, the finest Albanian talent, and renowned DJs from around the world. 

You can get your tickets to the South Outdoor Festival in advance, as well as check the wide list of activities you can attend, (including hiking, climbing, pilates, CrossFit, olive tour and so much more).

3. Porto Palermo Festival

Porto Palermo Festival is a project aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and providing a great cultural experience in Albania. Over time, Porto Palermo Castle has become a key tourist spot, attracting visitors from Albania and beyond. Olen Cesari started this festival to add something special to this location. The festival happens every summer and brings together people who love both Albanian and foreign art. It takes place at Porto Palermo Castle, an important historical site on the Albanian Riviera. The festival not only celebrates music and arts but also raises awareness about environmental and sustainability issues.

4. National Folk Festival

Source: national fol festival
Source: National Fol Festival

In Gjirokastra, you’ll find lots of cool events happening throughout the year. These events are fun for families and people of all ages. Every year, there’s the National Folk Festival, where you feature traditional Albanian singing and dancing at the Gjirokastra Castle. This is an interesting celebration for everyone who’d like to learn more about our culture and heritage. 

Stay updated on events happening in Gjirokaster.

5. Gusht e n’fest

Source: Colour Day Festival

On the long weekend of 17th-20th August, another cool event awaits you in Gramsh (a small town located 1h 30 min away from Tirana). The event is called “Gusht e n’fest” and activities include programs for children and adults, sports events, open cinema, hiking, and a vintage parade. 

They have an active Instagram account with the same name, Gusht e n’fest, where you can find their complete schedule.

6. Colour Day Festival

The Colourday Festival is a super fun event that happens in Tirana every year. You get to listen to awesome music from the hottest artists, both local and international, as well as experience the fun of playing with paints. (That’s the best part.)

This year, the event will take place on May 18th, at the main square in Tirana, “Sheshi Skenderbej” and it’s going to be extra special because it’s the fifth year of the festival. The entry is free, but the memories you make here will be absolutely priceless!

7. Hemingway Jazz Fest

Hemingway Jazz Fest

The Hemingway Jazz Fest is a super cool event that lights up Tirana every summer for three unforgettable nights, where jazz lovers gather to dance and celebrate. What makes it even more interesting is that each night has its special dress code, adding to the overall vibe and the concept of the event. 

So, if you love some good jazz and new summer memories, keep an eye on Hemingway’s postings and save the date for this July! 

Enjoy Your Summer Like Never Before in Albania

Even if the events don’t catch your interest, that’s okay. You can still visit Albania in the summer and enjoy your vacation at the beach, in the Alps, or anywhere you prefer.

If you have questions about staying in an Airbnb in Tirana, the best neighbourhoods, or learning about Albanian cuisine, we have a guide for everything.

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