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What We Love About Albania: Top Tips From Our Magic Towns Team

Explore Albania's hidden gems with our Magic Towns team - your local experts. Discover the warmth, rich cuisine, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes that make Albania unique.

Discover the hidden gems of Albania through the eyes of our Magic Towns team, your local experts. Denisa, Eliseo, Erjona and Sara – our local team in Tirana – are Albanian born and bred. Today they’re sharing with us what makes them tick about Albania, be it its scenery, climate, or the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Join us as we delve into the heart of this beautiful country, uncovering the warmth of its people, the richness of its cuisine, and the depth of its history – all from those who know and love it best.

Sara: Everyone’s So Friendly

One awesome thing about living in Albania is how friendly everyone is. People here are so welcoming, and it feels like one big friendly community. It’s actually interesting how, whether you’re chatting with neighbors or meeting familiar faces in the markets, it’s hard to walk away without a brief conversation. There’s this incredible energy that people here radiate. And the weather? It’s just perfect. Not too cold at all. The nice weather (apart from some winter days) makes it so easy to explore and enjoy the cool places around. You can take a walk anytime without having to layer up with hundreds of clothes, and that’s always a win!

The weather? It’s simply perfect for exploring the country’s diverse landscapes without the burden of too many layers.

Sara Alimehmeti, Content Editor

Erjona: Our Nature Is Diverse And Awe-Inspiring

What We Love About Albania: Top Tips From Our Magic Towns Team 18

As an Albanian living here for over 40 years, my heart is deeply rooted in this land. Albania, my home, is embedded in my being – its traditions, culture, passionate people, and patriotic spirit define who I am. We’re a country that has undergone significant changes, learning and growing through both good and challenging times.

What I cherish most about Albania are three things: the people, nature, and our culture and traditions. The hospitality here is unmatched; people are always ready to lend a hand or share a meal. We still hold community and family values dear, and I hope these continue to thrive amidst modern transformations.

Our nature is diverse and awe-inspiring, from pristine beaches to unexplored mountains and historical architecture. Each region offers its own unique beauty and story. And our culture is rich; we respect each other’s beliefs and stay united by our common identity.

There is not one scenery that you can think of that is not available in Albania. Mountains, lakes, wonderful beaches, white sand black sand, rocky, cliffy, hot springs, rivers, fields, and a breathtaking scenery of the old architecture, filled with thousands of years of history.

Erjona Kapllanaj, Head of Business Development

Eliseo: A Paradise For The Adventurous

What We Love About Albania: Top Tips From Our Magic Towns Team 19

Albania is a destination that deserves a spot on your travel list. With its geographical diversity offering both mountains and beaches, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Hiking is one of my favourite activities, bringing along breathtaking views, fresh air, and even snow for those adventurous enough to explore further.

The hospitable people you meet are always welcoming, often inviting you to stop by after a long journey. For history enthusiasts, Albania’s castles play a significant role in our cultural heritage. Places like BUNK’ART and other remnants of our communist past provide a vivid window into Albania’s history and its remarkable transformation.

Albania’s heart is in its people – always ready to welcome you with open arms after a long journey.

Eliseo Kolicaj, Data Analyst

Denisa: Albanian Cuisine Is A Real Treat

Albanian cuisine featuring byrek
Byrek, traditional Albanian food made with cheese

Living and working remotely in Tirana is a great experience. One of the fantastic aspects of Albania is the quick accessibility to both the beach and mountains, offering a perfect balance of nature and scenery.

The cuisine in Albania is a real treat. No matter where you go, you’ll find delicious food that caters to various tastes. The local cuisine is diverse and flavorful, making every dining experience an adventure.

Albanian cuisine is a diverse and flavorful adventure, offering delicious treats for every taste.

Denisa Lamaj, Content Editor

These personal narratives from our Magic Towns team paint a vivid picture of Albania – a country of warm hearts, natural splendour, and rich heritage. Whether you’re seeking a new adventure, a deeper cultural connection, or a place to call home, Albania offers an experience that is as diverse as it is enriching. You can read more about our team here.

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