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Apartments For Rent In Tirana Under 400 Euro

Discover affordable living in Tirana, Albania's capital, with rental apartments under EUR 400. Join Albania Property Weekly for the latest deals and insights.

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Due to popular demand, this week we’re focusing on apartments for rent in Tirana, all under EUR 400 per month. Capital cities across the globe are typically more expensive than their surrounding smaller cities, with few exceptions. Surprisingly, not only is Tirana cheaper than other European capitals, but it is also more affordable than surrounding Albanian cities such as Saranda. But more on that later.

Tirana One of the Cheapest Capital Cities in Europe to Rent in

Ali Demi, Tirana – EUR 350/month

Brand new 1-bedroom apartment with 70 m² in the upscale Kaimi Residence. Offers a bright living room with kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. Modern living in a prestigious area. Unfurnished.

Kodra e Diellit, Tirana – EUR 350/month

Spacious 1-bedroom apartment with 77 m² in a lively residence. Features a bright living room with modern integrated kitchen and a generous balcony. Property comes furnished with optional parking available.

Laprake, Tirana – EUR 300/month

Cozy 1-bedroom apartment with 58 m² near Aleks Buda High School. Features a bright living room with kitchen, bathroom, and balcony in a quiet neighborhood. Furnished.

Materniteti Ri, Tirana – EUR 400/month

Apartments For Rent In Tirana Under 400 Euro 18

Modern 1-bedroom apartment with 60 m². Includes a bright, spacious living room with kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony. Located in a new building near key amenities. The property is available furnished and enjoys wooden floors throughout.

Unaza e Re, Tirana – EUR 350/month

Apartments For Rent In Tirana Under 400 Euro 19

Modern 1-bedroom apartment with 65 m² in the Sima Com Residence. situated in a bustling part of the town. This unfurnished property Includes a bright living room with kitchen, spacious bathroom, and balcony. , Parking is also available upon request.

Fresku, Tirana – EUR 500/month

Spacious 3-bedroom duplex with 155 m². Features a functional fireplace, two airy balconies, and two bathrooms. Beautifully finished with wooden floors throughout. Located near Platea Dream Residence, ideal for families or shared accommodation. Unfurnished.

Bathore, Tirana – EUR 250/month

Affordable 1-bedroom apartment with 55 m². Includes a bright living room with kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. Located in a developing area, ideal for budget-conscious tenants. Furnished.

Average Prices of Apartments FOR Rent in Tirana, Durres and Saranda

Thanks to extensive research conducted by our talented data scientist Eliseo Kolicaj, we can compare rental prices across various cities in Albania to determine the average price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre. Our analysis found that the average rent in Tirana city centre is EUR 444, compared to EUR 300 in Durres and EUR 467 in Saranda. So one bed apartments in Tirana , the capital city are cheaper than the smaller city of Saranda.

How Do Tirana rents compare to other European Capital Cities?

To give you the bigger picture we took look at some other European capital cities to see how one bed apartments in Tirana fared compared to other cities, both in the same general area like Belgrade and Rome, and farther away such as Madrid and London, just to give you the wider picture.

City Average Rent In City Centre (EUR/month) Source
Madrid 1,336 Numbeo​ (Numbeo)​​ (Numbeo)​
Belgrade 757 Numbeo​ (Numbeo)​,
Rome 1,500 Numbeo, Real estate websites (Idealista,
Lisbon 1,300 Numbeo, Real estate websites (Idealista, Imovirtual)
Berlin 1,373 HousingAnywhere​ (HousingAnywhere)​, Expatistan​ (Expatistan, cost of living comparisons)​
London 3,160 Numbeo​ (Numbeo)​
Tirana 333 Numbeo​ (Numbeo)


Tirana offers truly affordable rental prices compared to other major European capitals. With an average rent of just EUR 444 for a one-bedroom apartment, its on average 8 times cheaper than London! Tirana is also significantly cheaper than other cities like, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon and Belgrade Moreover, the cost of living in Tirana is substantially lower, allowing your budget to stretch much further. This makes Tirana an attractive option for those looking to maximise their financial resources while enjoying the amenities of a capital city, with sunny climes.

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Albania Property Weekly

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