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10 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow About Albania

Discover Albania's hidden gems through Instagram's top 10 accounts, showcasing its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Perfect for travel lovers!

Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Albania is a dream for travel enthusiasts with breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture waiting to be explored. There’s no better way to capture the beauty of this enchanting destination than through the lens of Instagram. With so many talented photographers, adventurers, and cultural ambassadors sharing their stories on Instagram, we have curated a list of 10 Instagram accounts you must follow to get a taste of Albania’s allure and beauty.

1. Alket Islami

Born in Tirana, Alket Islami is an award-winning aerial photographer and visual artist in Albania. He has written several books with thousands of copies sold and participated in many exhibitions. He is also the president of the National Aero Club of Albania, known for his breathtaking aerial photography capturing cities, landscapes, and natural wonders from unique angles.

2. Ben Washburn

Ben Washburn is a travel enthusiast from America, who along with his wife travels around the unexplored places of Albania and creates content on Instagram. He also has a Tiktok account with over a hundred thousand followers and a YouTube channel where he and his wife share bits of their travel journeys in Albania.

3. Duli Kasmi

Based in Tirana, Duli Kasmi is a professional videographer traveling around Albania, creating content and promoting unique, undiscovered locations. Kasmi has been creating content for more than 5 years now and has a great audience on Instagram.

4. James Leithart

A media marketer by profession, James Leithart is an American storyteller who has spent more than 4 years living and exploring Albania. He has been doing photography and videography since 2014 and has his own merchandise store. Leithart is known for his exceptional shots and unparalleled way of capturing natural beauty.

5. Visit Tirana

Visit Tirana is a platform for tourists and locals, focusing on promoting the city of Tirana as a go-to destination for travelers. The platform provides an overview of the city’s tourism services, events, dining and shopping, and cultural heritage. The platform also offers free recommendations for tours and activities and accommodation options.

6. Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas is a growing content creator and traveler currently living and exploring Albania. He’s a video creator and digital nomad who loves to capture and present landscapes with his perspective and style. Taylor has been featured in several interviews and is also active on TikTok.

7. Rozana Xhaferaj

Based in Tirana, Rozana is a freelance photographer making her mark in the world of photography, capturing Albania in a never-seen-before way. A data analyst and research interviewer by profession, she’s been following her photography passion for over a decade now. Her photos reflect her love for nature, culture and adoration for her country.

8. Darya Daineka

Darya Daineka is a travel content creator from Belarus, who lives in Albania now and shares content exploring around the country. Her content ranges from food to travel and daily life stories. She also shares content on how to make money through products. The vibe of her account is chic and classy.

9. Travel in Albania

Travel in Albania is a travel account for travelers and locals to see the breathtaking natural wonders of Albania. Apart from content related to beautiful Albanian landscapes, it also posts about upcoming events, festivals, and facts about different cities in Albania.

10. Anita Hendrieka

Travel blogging for over a decade, Anita Hendrieka is a trusted blogger and traveling enthusiast, sharing daily life and travel content on Instagram. Hendrieka did many travel series on Albania including Must-See in Albania, Travel Tips, and Top 10s in Albania.


As we conclude our journey through the fascinating world of Albanian beauty and culture, we hope these 10 Instagram accounts inspired you enough to embark on your exploration of this beautiful destination. Each account offers a unique perspective that will surely add to your travel experience. However, if you think we’ve missed any, we’d love to hear you out. Feel free to reach out to our Instagram account and let us know your favorite Albanian discoveries.

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