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5 Best Neighbourhoods in Tirana

Discover the best places to live in Tirana with our 5 best neighbourhoods guide. Explore the city's highlights, from trendy cafes to cultural hotspots.

Exploring a new city without knowing anything about its neighbourhoods can be a bit tricky. You don’t know what to expect, and without a guide, you might miss out on the coolest cafes, parks, or places that make the city special. 

To save you time, we’ve rounded up the top 5 neighbourhoods in Tirana which are considered best to live in.

For reference, here’s a map with 5 neighbourhoods marked:

1. The City Center, or the Hub That Connects All Neighborhoods

Municipality of Tirana and Palace of Culture – Albania

If you’re looking for a spot that ties together different neighbourhoods in Tirana, the city centre is where it’s at! 

Packed with all the necessities, from supermarkets like Pro Natura, Conad, and One Stop to numerous mini-markets, pharmacies, and various shops, the centre is a convenience hub.

Among the activities you can do around here, we’d highlight taking a walk at Skanderbeg Square (especially during sunset), having a cup of coffee or a bite at the spots nearby, like Momento, Botanica, Opera Café and for book lovers, you might want to check out Adrioni, a famous bookstore in Tirana.

Central Square located in the heart of Tirana

In close proximity, you’ll find the iconic Et’hem Bey Mosque and the Clock Tower. And, just a short walk away is the charming Pedonalja, (the promenade), along with the Tirana Castle and Toptani Shopping Centre.

If you’re into art, the National Historical Museum of Albania is a must-visit, and you might consider The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet for a memorable evening.

Mon Chéri Coffee Shop

Now, let’s talk coffee! 

Downtown Tirana has some famous coffee shops that are not only cosy but also perfect for remote workers, including Mulliri, Sophie, Mon Cheri, Papa’s Caffe, and Destil – take your pick and savour your favourite brew.

Note: Don’t forget to check out Destil for events as well; they regularly host some cool stuff.

In case you need medical attention, near the centre you’ll find Swiss Medical Center Tirana and Intermedica laboratory

As for banking options, there is a variety of choices conveniently situated close to each other, such as Intesa Sanpaolo, OTP, Raiffeisen, BKT, Tirana Bank and Credins.

2. Myslym Shyri, One of the City’s Busiest Streets

Myslym Shyri neighbourhood

Imagine a place just a 10-minute walk from Tirana’s downtown that’s got it all – Myslym Shyri is that neighbourhood! 

Need groceries, clothes, or medicine? No worries, you’ll find everything you’re looking for right here.

What’s cool about this neighbourhood is the bunch of awesome stores lining the streets. They’ve got fancy clothes, awesome jewellery, and even wedding dresses!

And when it comes to groceries, you’ve got Alb Market, KMY, EHW.Conad City, and a few smaller shops all around, including the famous drugstore Well.

Coffee lover? Myslym Shyri’s got you covered with popular spots like Mulliri and Mon Cheri. Grab a cup and enjoy the vibe. 

Onufri Bookstore, Tirana

And hey, if you’re a book lover, don’t miss the Onufri publishing house and book store located here. They’ve got a cool spot on the second floor where you can kick back and read.

A few restaurant suggestions are Fresh Garden, Aqua Fish, or for a quick bite, Creperi Milano and Big Souvlaki.

And here’s the best part – this area is like the gateway to other places in Tirana. Take a left at the Mulliri Coffee Shop, and you’re on your way to the trendy Blloku district. Or just keep walking straight, and you’ll hit the lively 21-Dhjetori area.

Some medical centres and clinics around the area include Melior Med Laboratories, Medical Clinical Allergology, Dr. Medical Clinic Salubritas, Tirana Dental Clinic, and Femija ne fokus ( child psychologist).

Banking options include Union Bank, Credins, OTP, BKT Branch.

Whether you want to live here or you’re just visiting, Myslym Shyri is one of the best areas. It’s modern, it’s welcoming, and it’s right in the heart of the city. 

3. Kavaja Street, Where Religious Harmony Coexists

Kavaja Street, Tirana

Just a hop, skip, and jump from the city centre, Kavaja Street is another fantastic neighbourhood with a lot to offer.

From big supermarkets like Xhangolli and Conad, and yes, you guessed it – another Mulliri coffee shop (Because every neighbourhood needs one, right?).

Mulliri coffee shop at Kavaja Street

What makes this area unique is the delightful mix of cultures, where you’ll find a mosque and a few churches, creating a diverse and welcoming atmosphere. 

When it comes to food, this area has got you covered with a variety of restaurants. Try Kapitoli for a taste of the Greek dish sufllaqe, often called gyro, or head to Sofra Turke for some mouthwatering Turkish dishes.

Craving traditional Albanian flavours? Zgara Supreme is your go-to spot. And if you’re in the mood for something quick, there’s Fish ‘N Chips, Proper Pizza, Royal Fish and Chips, or if you fancy a more upscale experience, Artur restaurant makes a great choice.

Note: If you have a fondness for Italian cuisine, be sure to check out Painted Black, the newest restaurant in town.

Painted Black The Italian Gastro Bar & Restaurant

Shopping enthusiasts, rejoice! Explore the Tregu Çam market for all your shopping needs, from clothes to makeup and household goodies. You can also check out the shops lining the street.

And if you fancy some art, check out Mezuraj Museum.

Some clinics in this area include e-Med Physio, Tirana Panel Clinic, Acura Eye Clinic, Grande Clinic, İstanbul Hair Clinic, Tirana Eye Clinic.

Banking options to consider are ABI, Raiffeisen, Intesa Sanpaolo, Union Bank, Tirana Bank, FIBank, ProCredit, OTP.

4. The New Bazaar, A Taste of Tirana’s Traditions

New Bazar, Tirana

For a taste of traditional Albania, look no further than the New Bazaar!

Located within its energetic atmosphere (whether in summer or winter), it derives its name from the bazaar defining its character. Besides the diverse range of foods, you can explore various souvenirs and vintage items there.

Souvenirs at the New Bazaar, Tirana

Around the Stephen Center, a few coffee shops create cosy corners for a delightful cup of coffee or cappuccino. But the real gem lies within the bazaar, where these coffee spots blend with the lively market atmosphere and people who are always walking around.

Hungry? Around the New Bazaar, you’ll find places like Oda, a hotspot for tourists seeking authentic flavours, or Zgara Korçare for a hearty Albanian meal. Seafood enthusiasts can try Markata e Peshkut for a taste of the sea right in the heart of the city.

Events occasionally light up in the area, turning summer evenings into memorable experiences. 

Remarkably close to the centre, you’ll find everything you need within minutes, making the New Bazaar a must-visit destination for those craving a blend of tradition, gastronomy, and a lively local vibe.

Although there are not many healthcare facilities in this neighbourhood, you can find a couple, such as PrimaMed and Identico Dental Clinic. However, there are additional options within walking distance in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

A few banking options around this neighbourhood include Tirana Bank, OTP, and, which is a financial institution.

5. Arena of Tirana, Inspired by the Stadium’s Spirit

5 Best Neighbourhoods in Tirana 27

Arena, named after the city’s stadium, is an upmarket neighbourhood in Tirana. This lively area matches all tastes, making it a go-to spot for locals in the know, and for foreigners.

For your daily caffeine fix, check out charming coffee spots like M’House and Sophie. If brunch is your vibe, In’s and Miro have you covered with delightful options.

Around Arena, you’ll find diverse culinary alternatives – from Monk for sushi to Morsi serving up burgers, Era for pizza and traditional Albanian fare, Lift steak house for a hearty meal, and Oriental City for those craving Chinese flavours.

For a drink with a view, head to Arena Lounge or Lift

Got a sweet tooth? Don’t miss D’Angelo, the Belgium chocolate heaven!

Around this area, you’ll find several supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, and lounges.

Italia Square

During summer, the Square at Arena (called Sheshi Italia, or Italia Square) becomes a hub for young people, offering a great space to chill with friends or even skate around. 

Keep an eye out for events at the Italia Square and the nearby Mother Teresa Square, turning Arena into an inviting area for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some medical clinics to consider around this area: Gen-O-Time, Estpital International Clinic, Art orl clinic.

And if you need to withdraw or send some cash, you’ll easily find a Western Union, and BKT.

Fun Fact: We love this area so much, we chose to have our office here.

Which One Would You Choose?

With convenient access, diverse conveniences, and unique flavours, Tirana’s neighbourhoods offer a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s time to explore, enjoy, and make the most of what this vibrant city has to offer!

Which one do you think it’s your favourite? Join the conversation on our Facebook page and feel free to talk to our experts.

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